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2014 Vikings Draft: Building Draft Board Priority

As the 2014 NFL Draft continues to draw near (finally!), we continue to break down the Vikings current team needs and idea on how to best turn this flaming turd train around. We’ve already taken some time to break down draft priority based on team position looking at offensive needs and defensive needs, and we’ll use that today to recap and set our draft board priority.

Of course, a draft board is a fluid thing, like Chinese monks understanding of time, or my bowels after a glass of milk, but that’s why NFL teams plan for the draft for MONTHS in advance, so they can cover all their bases. We’ll try to set that table here a little bit too, but will acknowledge STRAIGHT UP we aren’t smart enough to think through that many scenarios. I promise you that.

So, anyway, here is the 2014 PJD Draft Board Priority List. Or whatever.

First, here is a complete roster priority break down, based on our previous position need reviews:

Middle Linebacker HIGH
Quarterback MEDIUM-HIGH
Outside Linebacker MEDIUM-HIGH
Cornerback MEDIUM
Offensive Guard MEDIUM
Offensive Tackle MEDIUM
Tight End MEDIUM
Defensive End MEDIUM
Defensive Tackle LOW
Running Back LOW
Wide Receiver LOW
Center LOW
Fullback LOW

As a recap, here are the Vikings picks per round in the 2014 NFL Draft:

Round Pick Number
1 8
2 40
3 72
3 96
4 108
5 148
6 184
7 223

So, basically, the Vikings have an extra third round pick to try and play around with. Knowing evil dickhead Rick Spielman, chances are they will either trade it for a seventh first round pick somehow, or he’ll keep it and take a kicker and release Blair Walsh. Or something.

vikings helmet draft board 2014

OK, so we have established what I think the Vikings position priority is, and we know what draft picks they have. So how do I see their draft board – by position and pick – falling? Like so!

Round Position
1 Middle Linebacker
2 Quarterback
3 Cornerback
3 Offensive Guard
4 Defensive End
5 Outside Linebacker
6 Safety
7 Tight End/H-Back

Jeeze, I can’t even stay true to my own priority rankings. Well, here’s why I can’t, or rather, some notes:

  • I think we all know the REAL target for the Vikings in the first round is a game-changing linebacker. There is a lot of smoke and mirrors about them keeping an eye on top quarterbacks like Blake Bortles, Johnny Manziel, or whatever else, but it’s garbage.
  • Why is it garbage? Think about how the entire Vikings coaching staff went to go watch people like AJ McCarron, Zach Mettenberger, and Jimmy Garoppolo – all second round or later rated quarterbacks. Sure, they all went and watched Manziel, but you pretty much have to.
  • And remember? We just hired a defensive head coach. You think Zimmer is going to let Norv Turner pick his favorite new toy with a top ten pick? No, no. Come on. Zimmer gets his defensive bad ass at number eight, and Turner gets the consolation gift of a second round quarterback.
  • Linebacker continues to be the huge blight on this team still, too. Sure, they signed Jasper Brinkley, but they better not have meant it. And in comparison to quarterback, at least Cassel is SERVICEABLE, if not good, but he could get us through in a pinch while we bring along a later round quarterback.
  • I also wonder if I have cornerback too high (the first of two third round picks), considering the Vikings just signed two guys this free agency period and are still trying to bring along some other, young, unknowns. But then I remember just how god damn awful our cornerbacks were last year, and I wonder if the team should maybe pick one at number eight.
  • Remember too, Everson Griffen was a fourth round pick. Maybe we strike gold again?
  • I feel like pretty much everything after the fourth round is just roster flotsam, right? We can take some big bodies at linebacker, safety (but maybe not after just signing Kurt Coleman?), and tight end, and have them play special teams, too. Those three could all be swapped out for defensive tackles – like, three of them to close out the draft – and I probably wouldn’t really care that much.

So? Am I totally off base or not? Going forward, I’ll probably reference this draft board when we’re doing mock drafts or previewing players. If I’m wrong, totally call me out on it.


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