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2014 NFL Draft-or-Bust Off: Vikings Select DE Scott Crichton

Once again we’re back to that post-draft sex sheen we all get when we start talking about young men in shorts who are now OURS. And since it coincides with the beginning of the long NFL offseason, we’ll take our damn time in reviewing each Vikings draft pick from 2014. In Purple Jesus Diaries’ NFL Draft-or-Bust Off 2014, we continue our amateur insight into the draft picks by reviewing our third round pick, DE Scott Crichton from Oregon State …


Scott Crichton was the Vikings third pick, from the third round, 72nd overall in the draft. He’s a rangy defensive end from Oregon State (One medical marijuana state to another!), listed at 6’3″ and 273 pounds. Not to be confused with Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton, Scott Crichton was one of the under-the-radar defensive ends coming into the draft behind first round pick Jadeveon Clowney and others. He fits the traditional 4-3 defense mold at defensive end, which could be good for the Vikings, even though no one has really any damn idea what kind of defense Zimmer is ACTUALLY going to run. I’ll call it the Zimmer D – 11 men on the field krumping. The big question then becomes; can Scott Crichton krump? I believe he can. So that should help our crap ass defense.

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Crichton doesn’t come to the Vikings carrying a handmade nickname like Teddy Bridgewater does in GUMP, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find one for him. Already, I’d be on board with using a Michael Crichton reference for his nickname (Jurrassic Spark? The Andromeda Pain? State of Fear?), but I could also go with Mr. Krump, since we just made the Zimmer-Krump reference. He may not deserve that close of association with Zimmer yet though, so we’ll see. Other alternate ideas play off the Oregon State “Beaver” mascot. Beaver Eater? That’s both sexy and scary, appropriate for a defensive end. Or, we just go with what I found in his YouTube highlight video – “Krightonite.” Which would be cool if that was how you spelled even part of his name. As it is, it’s just kind of confusing. You have ideas? Leave them in the comments so we can all agree on one.


So what is there to like about Crichton? Honestly, you look at his physical make up and his collegiate career, and it’s all very solid if not spectacularly boner worthy. He’s got all the fundamentals of a solid pass rushing defensive end who can still grow into his role and body, and he backed it up by recording 22.5 sacks in his three year college career. I guess when you’re talking about the Vikings defense, having a guy who is fundamentally sound, can be relied upon to simply do his damn job, and who won’t piss you off in both the run and the pass is actually a pretty big improvement from where we’ve been, so I guess I’ll be excited about it.


Bad news? He’s pretty much a black version of Brian Robison, who we already have on the team. That’s where this pick becomes a “problem”, if it is a problem at all. The Vikings just dumped a bunch of money this past off season in re-signing people to the defensive line. Robison was just signed for another 3-4 years, and Everson Griffen was signed as well long term. Vikings also dumped free agency money into interior defensive guys like Linval Joseph and Corey Wooten, albeit to a one year deal. Crichton adds depth, I guess, but there were also some pretty impressive cornerbacks still sitting around in the draft during the time Crichton was picked that would likely have helped our defense out more. Crichton could be good, but we already have so many “good” defensive ends on the team that we really need a great one. Can Crichton be great? I’d say we’ll find out, but I don’t know when he’ll get that opportunity.


Pretty sure he killed a guy at the 0:54 mark. That’s cool I guess.


So what’s the verdict? From a draft situation perspective, I’m still not huge on this pick. I don’t see Crichton’s upside as anything more than Brian Robison. Now, Robison is just fine. He’s a great player to have on your team that is like an old reliable horse you use to get to town and back, but that’s it. He’s not going to win any ribbons or jump over an gullies, but he will get the hard work done. How many of those guys do you need on a team though? If you had a 53-man roster of all hard workers, would that win you a Super Bowl? Or do you need some studs here and there? Is Crichton a stud? Would a CB we would have picked at that spot turn into a stud? I don’t know. Maybe that’s an unfair guessing game to play with Crichton. If he comes in, does just fine as a Robison understudy for the next three years and then re-signs with the team on a longer, cheaper deal and the Vikings let Robison go, maybe that consistency is worth it.

Either way, I only AT MOST have a half chub over this draft pick. And you just can’t do too much with a half chub.


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