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Your Friday Reminder That Minnesota is Smart, Wisconsin is Dumb

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I could also name this post "Minnesota is the only state that understands how evil Wisconsin is" but that title would end in a preposition and was probably too long, so I skipped that title.

Instead, look at that stupid map? Look at how stupid the rest of the country is? Every other football fan or even glory hole Packer lover around the nation seems to think the Packers and Aaron Rodgers are going to win another Super Bowl. Maybe that doesn't sound SUPER far fetched, right? Like, hey, Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL so why shouldn't he lead the Packers to another Super Bowl during his prime of the next five years? He's already got one. And the NFL is a quarterback friendly league, so the NFL is obviously trying to set him up for success. Cheating to do so, even.

That all sounds great, until you remember that the Packers defense is AWFUL and they let Christian Ponder throw for over 200 yards against them. Brilliant footballing there, doofuses.

So clearly Minnesota is the only team that gets this right. Frankly, Illinois and Detroit should be ashamed of themselves for not agreeing with Minnesota. What a bunch of ax wounds.

And just in case we're not clear on how stupid Wisconsin is, let's share this sexy shiny gem of news:

"TBS is… developing 'Cheeseheads' (working title), which looks at the fans of Wisconsin’s Green Bay Packers," according to "Billing promises that the show 'will take viewers into the hilarious subculture through the eyes of a group of proud Wisconsinites as they navigate life in the only way they know how – loud, proud and with lots of beer.'”

What in the absolute flying feces baby is going on here.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. Channels like TBS, Discovery, History, even Animal Planet will put up the worst type of reality shows in an effort to say they're "exploring the underbelly of America" when what they're really doing is putting incest born duck hunters talking in broken English on TV for the college graduates to laugh at. Don't think you're any different, Packer fans. This is solely an inside joke with the rest of America, and I for one am ECSTATIC to watch this flaming pile of fat people. In fact, I promise a weekly recap if this ever goes to air.

And that is your daily reminder about how f*cking stupid Wisconsin is. And a sentence (one of many) which ended in a proposition.


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