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Will Bears and Vikings Players Face Off on The League?

Hey cool! That's new Minnesota Vikings receiver Greg Jennings hanging out with The League actor Nick Kroll. Fun! Jennings tweeted this photo yesterday along with a message saying he was "causing trouble" with The League crew and Nick Kroll while on set with people from the show.

He doesn't explicitly state that he was on set to FILM a scene for the show or anything, but why else would he be there, right? The League has tons of NFL guest stars all the time, and Jennings is a cool dude (now that he's a Viking), so it'd only be natural that he'd be on there. Jennings would join star Adrian Peterson as another Viking who has appeared on the show, so he'd be in good company. And how cool! Another Vikings centered episode, right?


Jay Cutler's hot wife, Kristin Cavallari, also tweeted out a suspicious picture THE SAME DAY Jennings tweeted his. Check it out:

Jay Cutler on The League

That's her in the backseat with actress Katie Aselton (so fine) and hubby Jay Cutler looking like a smug jackalope in the front seat with actor Stephen Rannazzisi. So, god dammit, those two Chicago Bears affiliated people are ALSO "causing trouble" with The League on the same day that Vikings receiver Greg Jennings is. It can only mean one thing …


I for one can't wait for this. I assume Jennings is going to win anyway, because he puts the team on his back, doh. Cutler is going to pout, and while distracting with her good looks, I don't think Cavallari is going to put up THAT much of a fight. Don't get me wrong though. I bet she beats the shit out of Jay all the time, and most definitely wears the pants in their relationship, but you can't mess with Jennings, lady.

Game over, League won, JENNINGS OUT.


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