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What is Happening with Local “Draft Expert” Shawn Zobel?

Shawn Zobel Packers Fan

So, what's going on with Shawn Zobel (who apparently has always been a Packers "fan")?

I hadn't thought of the local, self proclaimed "Draft Expert" since, well, last years draft when he was fighting for page views. But his name started popping up this week again randomly tied to the Elvis Dumervil fiasco, where his agent failed to submit – THROUGH FAX MACHINE, BEEP BOOP BOP – his new contract with the Broncos on time, making it void, and having him become a free agent. Then, a whole slew of people yesterday started tweeting some of Zobel's totally normal, yet still ridiculous free agency and draft speculation claims, which were of course off-base. This somehow led to him closing his Twitter account, only to re-open it with several erroneous tweets deleted and his faux pas nary acknowledged.

Weird, you say? Well, not if you really know his history.

Shawn Zobel in a Suit

For fans of the Vikings who have frequented message boards like KFAN's Rube Chat or the ESPN Vikings team board, Zobel has been a familiar name since, I don't know, 2009 or something. It was then that he kept claiming he was a better draft analyst and consistently scored better on his mock drafts than either Mel Kiper or other big names with the big networks. That is, until he got busted posting his alleged "final mock draft" for 2009 HALF WAY THROUGH THE DRAFT DAY. Check out old archived Rube Chat strings HERE and HERE for some of the hilarity. Let's just say he was caught red handed, never admitted to it, and decided to cop an attitude. You know, all things that will make people like you more!

Since then, he's continued to weasel his way into media exposure, which good for him, I guess. If you can convince KFAN to get you on as an intern, or the Star Tribune to feature you in a column, you're doing something right. I mean, even cheaters and liars do cheating and lying well, or else they wouldn't be very good cheaters and liars, would they? You get my point.

All of which to say, if you've been a Vikings fan locally, you've probably known about Zobel's mishaps and attitude. But now he's expanded his brand nationally! And guess what, other fans are learning to dislike him as well. You can find much vitriol from Chiefs fans, and Twitter this week has been abuzz with screen caps of some of his worst claims this free agency period, including this classic zinger:

Shawn Zobel is Always Wrong

Oops. That was March 12th, man. Three days later, March 15, Greg Jennings did the exact opposite and signed with the Vikings. I mean, come on. Listen, if you don't know for sure, OK, just say that. If you ARE hearing from a "source" and they screwed you, bone up to it and admit it, don't delete your Twitter account and ignore the fact. You just look like a shit mouth. And just for fun, let's pull out this one I saved from last year:

Got that? The Vikings never wanted Kalil, were totally cool with Charlie Johnson at left tackle, and were DEAD SET on drafting Blackmon or Michael Floyd, all things which pretty much happened exactly as he called it, right? I mean, the hits just keep coming! But it still doesn't answer what's really going on. I admittedly forgot about Mr. Afro, but who didn't? But I wonder, who first had a negative interaction with him this week that brought all of this back up? And why can I not stop laughing? Probably because the schadenfreude is amazing, that's why.

Anyway, if you got other stories, links, or info, feel free to share in the comments, and let's get to the bottom of this so we can all forget about it sooner than later, and listen to people who actually have good insight and inside scoops on local teams like Darren Wolfson or … I don't know … Is Tom Pelissero the best local Vikings insider? Either way, has to be more accurate than Zobel. 


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