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We’ve Been Duped! Adrian Peterson on Next Gen Madden Cover

Adrian Peterson Madden 25 Cover

Balderdash! We've been duped!

After feeling confident that former Detroit Lions great Barry Sanders had beaten out Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson for the upcoming Madden football video game cover, news from E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo, for you non-virgins out there) announces that – fooled you! – Peterson will actually be on the cover of all NEXT GEN console Madden games.

So, is the Madden injury next?

We had been watching for months as ESPN and EA Sports continued to hold a public voting between NFL players to see who would be voted as the next Madden cover athlete. When it came down to Sanders and Peterson in the finale, I got a little nervous about things, but Sanders eventually emerged victorious. Hurray! Vikings fans win! No Madden curse for Peterson, and all is well with the world!

Well damn your surprises and cool looking video game covers. Peterson's face will be plastered all over the video game box for Playstation 4 games and for whatever idiot decided to instead pony up for an XBox One. And if you do that, just shoot your face off, because XBox One looks about as appealing as a NSA video from my web cam right now.

So, naturally we are a bit worried. But should we? I mean, it's not like teams could injure Peterson any more than they already have, right? What, are you going to tear his other ACL? Great, he'll just come back stronger and rush for 4,000 yards. Give him another hernia? We call that a "cakewalk" around here. Maybe Peterson won't be cursed, per se, but rather his team will suck around him. If that's the case, WE'RE WATCHING YOU, CHRISTIAN PONDER.

Whatever. I'm not worried about it, and can't blame the Madden people. Why wouldn't you put the best player in the NFL on your awesome next generation console game to sell as many copies as possible? That's just good marketing.

Peterson also joins Daunte Culpepper as the only other Vikings player to grace the Madden cover. Randy Moss was once on the cover of an NFL 2K game, quite possibly the best football game ever made. Both of those games were the "2002" versions, which were released during the 2001 season. The 2001 season was when the team went from 11-5 and 41-0 to 5-7, a fired Denny Green, and Mike Tice as head coach. Soooo … We have a pretty good tract record after being on video game covers, you guys.

Sh*t. Here's some video highlights from the new game anyway.



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