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WAIT, WAT? Bill O’Brien to be Next Minnesota Vikings Coach?

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What if I told you that the 2013 Minnesota Vikings miraculously winning a football game on Sunday wasn't even the biggest news about the team that day? Your jaw would drop on the floor, right? Because how could a win from a team this bad NOT be the headliner of the day?

Well, lost amongst the 48 point bukkake from the Vikings on Sunday was a little news nugget concerning potentially the next Minnesota Vikings head coach, current Penn State Nittany Lion head coach, Bill O'Brien. Mr. O'Brien has allegedly been contacted by Vikings representatives to gauge his interest in becoming our next head coach, or possibly the Texans new head coach as well.

Shocker, right? On a couple of levels.

First, for some reason last Sunday before the games started, there was an explosion on information leaked out about the front office moves of the Vikings. Among those was the nugget that it's all but certain that current Vikings head coach, Leslie Frazier, will be walking the Vikings gang plank after the season. This comes from NFL GameDay Morning reporter Ian Rapoport (Good name for a reporter, IYAM), who said the following:

 the prospects of Frazier returning in 2014 are said to be "grim," according to team sources and sources familiar with ownership's thinking.

Frazier is well-liked by ownership, but that's unlikely to be enough to dissuade the 3-9-1 Vikings from going in another direction after the season. Rapoport has been told Minnesota will target a young coach — likely a current NFL assistant — with "star power."

There's a couple of chunks of information in here. First, just the news that we'll have a new head coach next season is kind of exciting. CHANGE! It should appease all of those Vikings fans out there who think the team is 4-9-1 because Leslie Frazier doesn't scream enough. Because THAT'S the reason, totes.

The other piece out of this – when paired with the Bill O'Brien news – is that this decision already seems to be made. Frazier is out, a new coach is going to be in, and the franchise is ALREADY starting to put feelers out to potential candidates to see if they like ice fishing enough to come coach here. That is an EXTREMELY proactive move for this franchise, and leaves me feeling almost faint and light of heart.

Finally, with the Bill O'Brien news, we apparently already have a candidate we can start scrutinizing! Would O'Brien be a good fit? He's obviously not a current NFL assistant, but he likely DOES have a bit of star power with him, and no one would blame him for jumping Meat Sausage Ship for the Vikings Love Boats. He's also an offensive guy, and was with and influential in the New England Patriots offense from 2007 to 2012. That's a pretty good run to be learning a few tricks under Bill Belichick. Also, he totally has the chin required of a Bill Cowher-esque head coach, so you have to consider that.

I think O'Brien could be a quality candidate. I'm a little iffy on "a current NFL assistant with star power" as a requirement otherwise, because A) I don't even know what the hell that means, B) I feel like most NFL assistants are ass-hats and pan out about 50% of the time, and I don't feel like playing that game of roulette with the rest of Adrian Peterson's career and a new baby quarterback, but C) there's no guarantee that a proven older coach like Cowher or even Gruden will be able to come back into the league and adjust to new schemes as well as a young assistant, and D) I can't think of a single current NFL assistant who I would label as having "star" power, can you? Aside from Bill Musgrave, of course. Darrel Bevel? Are we really going to do this?

Anyway, it at least sounds like things are on the move already for 2014, which is nice. Now, we just get to speculate wildly about who will wear purple next year. Leave your ideas in the comments.


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