Vikings Tanking Analysis: Is One Game Really Worth It?

Vikings win - Congrats?

We'll get to our full blown game recap with all the Shirtless analysis, Mushroom Stamp award winners, haikus, and everything else no one has come to love throughout the years, but I neither have the time to give you what you want or the sobriety, so instead I want to pose a little question to the masses after we experienced only the second win of a lost year for the Vikings last night:

Was it worth it?

Serious question, was this win worth it to you?

I saw a bunch of comments on Twitter and Facebook last night about Vikings fans who were calling out the "haters" for being upset, or disappointed, or maybe just indifferent, about the Vikings finally getting their elusive first win of the season on American soil. The typical trope is that people who weren't happy for the win were bad fans, idiots, haterz, and should go cheer for another team. The standard is that if you are a fan of the Vikings – or really, any team in the NFL, or any sport anywhere – you should always, ALWAYS, blindly and happily cheer for a win for your team. No matter what. 

And I say that's bullshit. That's stupid. That's sheep mentality, and fails to look at the bigger picture. I say go F yourself if you think I'm any less of a fan, because I'm sitting here realizing the unique opportunity we have to get a franchise-changing draft pick to address a need we haven't tackled since Fran Tarkenton. Go screw yourself if you think I'm petty and a crappy Vikings fan because I realize the problems in the franchise right now are systemic, and not just players. Go to hell if you don't like my take because I want this team to bottom out so bad that the coaches are fired, and competent people are brought in who aren't calling time outs for the other team with :35 seconds left in the game. 

In fact, I would argue I'm a BETTER fan, because I care more about the team and the HOPE for this team beyond how I'm going to feel about a meaningless win the next day at work. The Vikings beat the Redskins in 2013. Great. Big effing deal. I guess it raised the moral of some players for the next seven days, but do you think they're going to be reflecting on this Redskins win after they get their asses handed to them by the Seahawks next week? Do you think any of us – players, coaches, fans, concession stand workers – are going to be happy when we're sitting there with the number seven draft pick because we won too many games this year, missing out on a chance to draft a top tier quarterback, because we won a single game against the Redskins in November 2013?

It's pointless. There is exactly zero benefit that comes from winning a game like we did last night in the overall scheme of things. In fact, in really only hurts the franchise long term. And I don't want the Vikings to be a one-and-done team with near-retirement quarterbacks like Favre all the time, or fluke playoff teams like 2012. I want us to kick ass every week, every year, and I don't think that's a ridiculous expectation. I want us to be the Patriots, or go on a Steelers run, or be set up for the next decade like the 49ers or the Seahawks. Why is that too much to ask for, over a single win?

Now, did I enjoy the win last night? Of course. Knock it off if you think I ended up drinking an extra beer last night because I was sad we won. No, I opened another one to celebrate an exciting NFL game that my favorite team actually won. But it is bittersweet. Absolutely it is. It's a wasted opportunity, and I'm honest enough to admit that. And I don't think that makes me a bad fan at all. 

Tell me Greg Jennings, how do YOU feel about the team pissing away a potential #1 draft pick?

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