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Vikings Stadium Ground Breaking Photo-Stravaganza!

Vikings stadium ground breaking

Tuesday was a cold, yucky day in the Twin Cities, but for Zygi Wilf and the other Minnesota Vikings owners, it was the best god damn day ever. They got to break ground on a billion dollar Lincoln Log set that they'll pay athletes to beat each other up in, and drunk idiot fans to waste their money and crush their dreams inside.

Yes, the new Vikings stadium broke ground on construction, and I guess that's a big deal.

There were a couple of new features on the stadium shared by the team yesterday. Most interesting was a short video showing the teams plans for tearing down the old Toilet Bowl and building up the new Glass House. It appears to be a clever process (almost TOO clever for this team …) of building around the demolition, but makes total sense in retrospect, and that's why smarter people are getting paid to do stuff like that, and I write jokes about how Visanthe Schiancoe's penis has returned to the NFL. Also, I learned they don't plan to just plant explosives all over the Teflon Dom and blow that shit to pieces. It probably makes more sense their way, but, still, surprising.

Anyway, here is a collection of my favorite photos from the ground breaking. They are here to either inspire or horrify you when it comes to trying to mentally process this is what your favorite NFL team actually is about. I'll leave the judgment up to you:

mark wilf

Adrian Peterson new stadium

shane battier meme

rick spielman and leslie frazier

Creepy Zygi Wilf Picture


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