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View Looking In: A Woman’s Perspective on Why the Vikings Pretty Much Rule

Welcome to a new series at Purple Jesus Diaries called "View Looking In." This is a series where we'll feature blog posts from guest authors who may or may not be hard core, insider Vikings fans, but have unique takes on the team regardless. We'll take that opportunity to guage ourselves – the crazed fans too close to the team in most cases – against the general public opinion and see just how loopy we are. Today, we feature a post on why the Vikings pretty much RULE in 2013, as says a WOMAN. This article is courtesy of Jessica Reich, freelancer from Minneapolis, so she likely knows some stuff. We'll jump in occasionally with our take on THEIR take, to get super meta on you as well. Let's begin!

Football season is just around the corner and with it comes another chance for the Minnesota Vikings to prove that they have what it takes to make the playoffs this year. After a few years of major struggle, the Vikes are finally coming into their own, proving that Christian Ponder was indeed the right choice for the franchise.

Packers fans will argue that Minnesota has yet to win a Super Bowl, but that does not automatically make the Vikings a poor team. If you keep up with the games using NFL Sunday Ticket at, you'll find that the Vikings can really make a push for this season's playoffs.

The following are just a few reasons why football fanatics should expect great things from the Minnesota Vikings during the 2013-2014 season:

PJD's Take: Wellllll … We made the playoffs last year even when we DIDN'T have what it takes to normally make the playoffs. That being a quarterback. But our team is stupid like that. Also, Rasertech is totally link bait, so don't bother clicking it. Sorry. But what else we got??!

Adrian Peterson

Need I say more? Adrian Peterson continues to be the Vikings' most valuable player by a long shot, and given last season's success, it's not hard to see why. Somehow, the poor guy managed to miss out on the all-time single-season rushing record by nine measly yards, but really, nobody was expecting an athlete with a busted knee to even get close. Will he finally be able to break that record? If he came as close as he did with his knee on the mend, Peterson really has a good shot at it now that his body isn't quite as battered.

PJD's Take: I've heard people on KFAN ask this question frequently too, of whether Peterson is going to be able to break the single season record this year since he was so close last year. And the answer is of course not. I mean, isn't it true that there hasn't been a running back to have two 2,000 yard seasons ever? So why would Peterson all of a sudden knock out two back to back? I mean, it's crazy (and maybe just crazy enough to work!), but it Peterson is knocking on that door, then we got bigger problems, people. Namely, our noodle arm QB.

Christian ponder

Christian Ponder

Yes, Christian Ponder has his faults, but thus far, he's proven a valuable asset on a team in which the obvious winning strategy is to get the football to Adrian Peterson. Critics point to Ponder's less-than-stellar passing stats, which left him ranked a sad 31 out of 32 quarterbacks in the NFL last year. But Ponder's strengths don't lie in passing and, as long as he plays to his strengths, he can still do an impressive job of creeping up on the opposing team.

PJD's Take: Um ….. What impressive strengths are these that Ponder has in passing? That he has a job description that says he throws the football in a forward motion by default? Thus far, Ponder HASN'T shown his assets as a passer to the team, and heading into his third year, that's a serious issue. If he doesn't start getting the better of our likely porous defense early on in training camp this year … Yeah, we got problems.

Greg Jennings

If there's one thing that really pisses off the Vikes' chief rival, it's signing one of their own. When it happened with Brett Favre a few years back, it ended up being a major mistake, seeing as Favre was dealing with some pretty nasty injuries at the end of a very long career. Greg Jennings, on the other hand, still appears to have several good years ahead of him, as the head honchos at the Vikings must have assumed when they signed him to a five-year contract. Jennings' unique talents should make for a nice partnership with Christian Ponder, as well as the beloved Adrian Peterson.

PJD's Take: Listen, I'm trying to be nice here, but this is simply wrong. As much as I hate the old Dick Slinger, the Brett Favre signing by the Vikings was GOD DAMN BRILLIANT, and totally worth the one year of amazing football at the end of his career. Favre had one injury (as far as I remember) at the end of his career when playing with the Vikings (an illegal ankle hit by those ASS HOLE SAINTS), but other than that was fine. Jennings on the other hand is still a huge question mark for health, and the fact that the Vikings dumped a bunch of money on him as he's close to coming down on the other side of his peak isn't exactly a good thing. Where the hell are we even going with this post anymore?!

Vikings 2013 Draft Picks

2013 Draft

Some of the Vikings' off-season shakeups really upset dedicated fans, including the trading of the valuable Percy Harvin. But so far, there's plenty to indicate that the team's draft picks will prove quite valuable. Sharrif Floyd is particularly promising, coming off a successful season with the Florida Gators. Corrdarelle Patterson may also prove a great asset, with many fans believing him to be the next Percy Harvin. We'll have to wait until training camp to see if this prediction plays out, but based on his performance for Tennessee, Patterson just might surprise by becoming the next big threat in the NFL.

PJD's Take: Any offseason mistakes that don't mention Antoine Winfield is a royal boner as well. Although credit where credit is due … The 2013 draft certainly has some potential of not being a complete dumpster fire, and may replenish the Vikings star player stock both now and into the near future. So there's always that.

The Minnesota Vikings certainly face a number of challenges this season, many of which were created by recent changes in the lineup. But the combination of old standbys and new talent has the potential to help this team expand on the impressive progress it made last year.

PJD's Take: Yeah, well, as a Vikings fan for several years, let me tell you how silly your optimism sounds right now.

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