Vikings history infograph

This Visual History of the Minnesota Vikings is Super Depressing

History of the Minnesota Vikings Infograph

Someone a couple of weeks ago on Reddit put together a pretty awesome visual history of the Minnesota Vikings. It's a handy infograph that – in shorter terms – basically says we've never won a Super Bowl. But in more thorough terms, it tells us … Umm … Our primary color is purple. Haha, but no really, here are some of the cool highlights that jumped out to us.

Full infograph after the jump:

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The infograph is a bit of a mind puzzle to wrap your head around at first, but stare at it like a Georges Seurat and you'll eventually figure it out. Here are a couple of the things that jumped out to me:

– Fran Foley as General Manager from 2000 to 2011?! OK, I'll just assume this gets better.

– Let us never again speak of the Les Steckel year. And there's our boy Stomin' Norman! I love that crotchety old racist.

– Is this the most depressing quarterback lineup you've ever seen? Because I'm hard pressed to think of another one worse. I mean, sure, maybe the Bengals or the Bears, but they're OBVIOUSLY stupid. We're supposed to be good. There is "B. Johnson" on there way too many times, and I don't even want to pretend to remember a "T. Jackson." What the hell, man.

– You know, trying to be unbiased, the overall team winning percentage is actually pretty decent. Sure, there's some peaks and valleys, but there aren't really any long term dips like you'd see with the Bengals or Chargers, so that's nice. I think the Vikings have one of the top 7 winning percentages in all of the NFL, so that's … Ah, that's something.

– Mid 1960's to almost 1980 was one hell of a run, fellas. Hat tip.

– That "Super Bowl" bar sure is lonely at the top of our playoff appearances.

– My favorite piece about this may be how the designer took the most recent uniforms, the crappy one we got rid of, and set that FAAARR off to the side of the other amazing looking uniforms. Hopefully this is something we can forget about easily too, just like the Fred Smoot era.

Truth be told, the guy who put this together is actually a Packer fan. Packer fans can use computers?! I know, I thought the same thing. That's also probably why there are so many screw ups, like, I'm pretty sure we've won the last eight Super Bowls, so I don't know what this guy is saying!! … Point being, he also did a Packers infograph of the same ilk, which you can see below for comparison sake.

Packers visual history infograph

Yeah, there's is a little better.


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