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These Yelp Reviews of the Metrodome Are Hilarious

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A recent blog post by the Sportspickle introduced us to reviews of popular sports stadiums across the country found on Yelp. Yelp is the search engine to get helpful reviews and information on businesses and locations across the country. We decided to use it to look closer at the customer reviews of the Metrodome. I don't know why people find it necessary to review a stadium experience on here, because it's not like you'd have other options of where to see the Vikings play, but here we are. This is what our society has come to. Is everyone happy now? 

Regardless, I'm also not stupid. I'm looking for some filler today since the Vikings are slowly waiting to sign Brian Urlacher (probably), which means there's not a ton of team news. And it's the second day of March Madness. I know you're not going to actively be looking for football news, but for the three people who are, here's a fun way to waste your Friday. 

Reviews after the jump:

We've highlighted some of our favorite reviews here, and also pointed out some of the best comments. See another one we missed? Drop it in the comments:

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So what have we learned about the Metrodome?

– Good luck trying to take a pee. It's the worst place to relieve yourself in the entire Colonies, apparently. 

– People once thought Dome Dogs were good. GTFO.

– The worst part about the Metrodome is that you may sometimes spill your beer. Seems legit. 


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