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Talking Percy Harvin Trade with Seahawk Addicts

The dust has begun to settle on the early week trade of former Minnesota Vikings receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks. As the dust settles, some of it must be getting in my eye … I, I don't know what these wet things are coming down my cheeks … Regardless, some fans are left pretty jacked about the trade and others are more skeptical. Funny thing, that defines fans on both sides of the trade!

To dig into what Seahawks fans are thinking of this trade, we chatted with Seahawk Addicts, our Bloguin brothers that cover Seattle's team. We did a Q&A for them over on their site giving a bit of insight into just how much weed Percy burns, how Darrell Bevell will under utilize him, and other items. Check out answers out over there, and read below some of the glimmers of hope we tried to dig out of them to make us feel better about losing Percy.

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Purple Jesus Diaries: So a day later, how excited are you guys to have Percy Harvin on your team?

Seahawk Addicts: I'll admit, I have some worries about his health, but the prospect of seeing Harvin in a Seahawks jersey still puts a big smile on my face.  Headed into this offseason, Seattle's biggest needs seemed to be 1) a pass-rushing defensive end, 2) a pass-rushing 3-tech defensive tackle, and 3) a fast deep threat who can take full advantage of Wilson's ability to throw long bombs.  Picking up Harvin fills that last hole and then some.

PJD: When you look at the trade as a Seahawks fan, do you feel like you gave up too much or just enough to get a player of Percy's caliber?

SA: Given the talent GM John Schneider has been finding for the team in the draft the last few years, it hurts a bit to see him trade a few of them away.  That said, the Seahawks had ten draft picks and the roster is strong enough throughout that realistically the odds of all ten making the final cut were vanishingly small.  This trade exchanges a first round pick for a guy who was a first round pick back in 2009, with a 2013 seventh and a 2014 third thrown in to sweeten the deal for Minnesota.  In other words, the Seahawks give up a shot at drafting some unknown player who should theoretically be good for a known quantity who is definitely good.  I can live with that.

PJD: What are the long term implications of Percy getting a new contract with Seattle? How will that affect your whole team in the coming years?

SA: Right now the Seahawks have roughly $18.6 million in cap space plus a few older players with unwieldy contracts who could be released to free up more space (chiefly RB/KR Leon Washington and WR Ben Obomanu), so Harvin's contract won't hurt much immediately.  However, Seattle's financial picture gets a whole hell of a lot less rosy after this season.  The Hawks are currently able to get away with shelling out for offensive talent because most of their top defensive players are still playing on rookie contracts, but half of their vaunted secondary (CB Brandon Browner and SS Kam Chancellor) is scheduled to hit free agency in 2014, with the other half (FS Earl Thomas and CB Richard Sherman) plus star LB K.J. Wright scheduled to test the market in 2015.  Unless the cap increases significantly between then and now, there are going to be a lot of tough decisions for Schneider and Pete Carroll to make going forward.

PJD: In your humble opinion, do you think there was a "Weed Clause" in his contract that would allow Percy to smoke buds for "medicinal purposes" while in Washington?

SA: Funny you should mention that.  I live in the Ducks' backyard in Eugene, Oregon, and let's just say the city's rep for the plentifulness and potency of its herb sure as hell hasn't hurt the U of O in any of its recruiting drives.  The NFL still lists marijuana as a banned substance, so players are still going to get slammed for testing positive no matter what the state's voters say, but yeah, I can't imagine that law is going to hurt the Seahawks any when it comes to attracting top shelf talent.  I just hope Harvin is stocked up on Whizzinators.

PJD: Are you buying your Super Bowl tickets already? I don't even know what that feeling would be like.

SA: Hey now, there's no guarantees in the playoffs, but after watching the Seahawks go from perennial division champions to bottom of the barrel following Holmgren's last decent year in 2007 it feels damned good to see them making runs at the Lombardi again.  I didn't see the Vikings play much last year, but here's hoping you guys can look forward to Frazier cleaning up the mess left by Childress and building Minnesota into a contender once again.  Who knows, maybe one day you can look forward to watching the Vikings lose every year to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game, Cowboys-49ers style!  (Oh god, I just realized that I equated the Seahawks with the Cowboys there.  I feel sick now.)


Thanks again to Seahawk Addicts for doing this, and enjoy your Pro-Bowl talent. Can't wait to hurt his ankle when the Vikings visit Seattle in 2013! Check out their site and join in on the conversation.


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