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So How Good Was Josh Freeman?!

Josh Freeman Giants 2013

Bros, so how good was that Josh Freeman on Monday night?! He balled out of his mind, didn't he? He played himself into some EXCLUSIVE company on Monday night, becoming the only quarterback since 1960 to attempt 50 pass attempts for zero touchdowns and throwing under 200 yards. SO BAD ASS. The only other ball throwing bro to do that was Dave Brown in 1995. I mean, come on! It's been 18 years since that last happened! Josh Freeman is a SAINT, you hear me?! Amazing.

We also have an exclusive look at his pass chart from Monday night:

Now, not bad for a first start. I mean, sure, his 37.7% more than 20% points less than Christian Ponder's career stats. And Freeman's 3.6 yards per attempt are only two yards less than Ponder's in his career too, but hey, it's the little things that matter more and make a big difference.

For instance, has Christian Ponder ever through a ball that went 50 yards in the air? I doubt it. Not like Josh Freeman, man. Has Ponder ever thrown the ball 30 yards over a receivers head? I don't even think so. Maybe, like, 15 yards over his head, but DEFINITELY not 30 yards. Not like Josh Freeman's canon. You just can't compete with that action, Jackson. And by Jackson, I mean Tarvaris Jackson, although if anyone could compete with wildly overthrown balls, it would definitely be that guy.

And just look at that pass chart! Have you ever seen Ponder spread the ball around that much in a game? Absolutely not. And that's a trait that can't just be taught, my friends, that's innate. You have to be born with that, like Freeman apparently was. You just look at that chart, and you're like, "Whoa! Where is he going to be throwing next! What an enigma!" Real special.

In conclusion, yes, I'm pretty sure we have something special on our hands here, and I for one CAN'T WAIT to see Freeman throw the football in 360 degrees around the Dome. Skol!


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