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Samantha Ponder Still Coolest Wife in NFC North

When we last checked in with Samantha Ponder, her and hubby (Vikings QB Christian Ponder) were producing the only watchable items from ESPN's ESPYs Award Show. Since then, both the NFL and college football season has started, making Ponder pretty busy with training camp and preseason games and Samantha Ponder pretty busy traveling with College Gameday. 

Despite this, she still found some time to sit down and talk with Bob Sansevere about all things Ponderers, including Christian's proposal, their fancy wedding night, and much more. Check out some of the highlights of the interview after the jump:

On how Christian first started courting Mrs. Ponder, as an NFL player in modern America:

He started sending me messages on Twitter. I'm like, "Why is this old Florida State quarterback messaging me? This is weird." He was always asking me random questions about living in Austin. Nothing creepy, but that was our original connection. Our version of Christian Mingle was on Twitter … Honestly, the reason I even responded to him on Twitter was I looked at his Twitter page and he didn't follow any other women. Usually these guys are all following porn stars or who knows what kind of women.

On the exploits of their wild and crazy wedding night, which started in nearby Hudson, Wisconsin (Fairly ominous start, right?):

When we got married, he picked me up at the airport and I was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and a hat. We drove the 20 minutes to Hudson or whatever it was, walked in, got married. Then we went and ate Arby's as our wedding meal … That night after we had our Arby's, we forgot the offensive line had an Ugly Sweater Party at a local restaurant. One of the guys texted Christian and asked, "Dude, where are you at?" We went to the mall and found ugly sweaters and went to the Ugly Sweater Party. We wanted to leave early, but everybody was like, "No, don't leave." I'm thinking, "Gosh, we just got married."

We also learn that Samantha Ponder may have a bit of a mean streak in her within the household (said facetiously, of course), in reference to when she knew she wanted to marry Christian:

I don't like him to know this because I try not to compliment him, really, ever. I pretty much knew immediately.

Christian and Samantha Ponder at ESPYs

And finally, what it was like bringing Christian into her world of broadcasting during the ESPYs:

That was awesome. It was an opportunity for me to prove to him this is not as easy as you think. I think everybody who watches people on TV, especially when it's about sports, says, "Oh, how hard can it be?" It's certainly not rocket science, but I think it's a lot harder than it looks. Halfway through the show, Christian was like, "Oh, my God, there's somebody talking in my ear while I'm trying to talk." That's the way it works. I think he has a little more appreciation now.

Does it bother anyone else that Christian is so thrown off when someone is speaking into his ear? Isn't that what Bill Musgrave is doing all game long? If not, Musgrave, you should be. What the hell, man?!

Anyway, lots more info over at the link. Samantha Ponder clearly is very down to Earth and both couples come off as very level headed, normal people that just happen to have some pretty sweet jobs. Definitely like you could grab a beer with them or something, which I totally would, but Samantha blocked PJD on Twitter, so I can't even offer her a brewskie. SADS. 


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