samantha ponder fishing

Samantha Ponder Smells Like Fish

Here is a picture of Samantha Ponder, wife to Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Christian Ponder, holding a pretty nice looking fish during a recent outing with her husband. Therefore, she probably smells like fish. At least a little bit.

OK, she doesn't REALLY smell like fish. She probably smells like the open sea, which is often like a nice scotch, so that's lovely.

I don't have much else to add here. Below is a second picture from the event that has a nice collage featuring Christian and other Seminole Boosters, which would make me think that these two love birds are in Florida somewhere. But maybe there's a Minnesota chapter? That happens, right? And I want to know, who was responsible for the shark catch? No way Ponder scored game that big, right? He topped out with Samantha and it's probably all down hill from there. I'd guess she'd say that too.

More Samantha Ponder fishing

Either way, that's a nice looking fish. Good job, young lady. Let's see if your husband can do as good, fishing or footballing.


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