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Roster Moves: Vikings Sign Desmond Bishop

Desmond Bishop to the Vikings


In a move that I actually thought was going to happen like seven days ago, the Minnesota Vikings have signed Desmond Bishop. The former Green Bay Packers linebacker brings some immediate depth to the Vikings linebacker core, preventing the team from having to suit Marvin Mitchell up on Sundays and asking him to do anything aside from break someone's face on special teams. Phew! Dodged a bullet there.

Bishop joins Greg Jennings as the only other Green Bay Packer player to join the Minnesota Vikings. … This offseason, I mean. That's two now, so I think we've met our quota.


Well, this is good news. I was boner-sure going into the draft that the Vikings were going to pick a linebacker in the first round somewhere, and that was even BEFORE they traded back up into the first to accumulate three first round selections. The fact that they didn't – and then only ended up with every-man, yet versatile Gerald Hodges and Mike Matui, neither of whom are immediate middle linebacker starters – signals that this move was probably needed and welcomed. I guess Erin Henderson DID come out last week and say he wasn't going to be giving up the middle linebacker position to anyone this offseason, but … Good news and bad news, bud. The bad news it that you probably are giving that starting position up. The good news is that you're not fired! You're likely just moving back to the outside position. So count your blessings.


NOW WE WAIT. I don't know why I have this section. I guess now we wait and see if Bishop's knees hold out. His injuries are an obvious concern, as is his ability to pick up the Vikings' defense in just one year, as his contract only has him here short term (one year). I mean, having a middle linebacker with a proven skill set is great, but if he can't call the plays out properly, that doesn't do much. Or if he can't cover the proper gap, then he's also doesn't know his way around a hooker. All of these things are bad, and I very much hope that Bishop doesn't bring these items to the team, but rather brings his hard nosed play that helped get the Packers to a Super Bowl.


Purple Jesus approves! I would think. I like the signing, and I like the fact that coaches like Andy Reid in Kansas City and Tom Coughlin with the Giants were both chasing after Bishop to join their ranks. Somehow, our merry band of morons beat those two teams out, and Bishop joins the Purple. The chance of decapitating Aaron Rodgers TWICE this season (somehow that would work!) was obviously attractive, but so was joining the celebrated ranks of former Packer players who ended up in purple. I would imagine.

Either way, we have a new linebacker and that's cool. What do you think?


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