ROSTER MOVES: Robison Re-Signs, Bethel-Thompson Experiment Over

Brian Robison Bethel Thompson

The Minnesota Vikings had some fairly, non-quarterback related roster moves occur this week, to everyone's surprise. Well … Not ONLY related quarterback moves. Either way, they were both good. 

The Vikings offered a contract extension to defensive end Brian Robison, who signed it as fast as he could, to the tune of 4 years, $28 Million with $13 Million guaranteed. At the same time, the Vikings had to make another roster move this week to free up space for new quarterback extraordinaire Josh Freeman, and so they released the third string wunder kid from the last two season in McLeod Bethel-Thompson, with hopes of having him slip through waivers and end up on the practice squad. Well, that didn't happen as the San Francisco 49ers claimed McLeod off of waivers, ending the wet dream that KFAN's Paul Allen had of seeing this horribly inaccurate project quarterback finally start a regular season game for the Vikings ala Spergeon Wynn. I, for one, and glad it never came to that. 

Brian Robison dance GIF

Backing up a second to Robison, it's a solid, low cost move for the Vikings. Robison isn't an elite defensive end by any means, but he's been very consistent in his career and has actually gotten better over his time with the team. He's also very serviceable in both the run and the pass, and for a guy who is getting his third contract already, he comes back at a very reasonable price. Keeping in mind too that something like half of the Vikings currently defensive line is not locked up after the 2013 season, it's nice to know that there at least won't be a ridiculous amount of turning over, like there is when you're mom hits the bedroom. We at least have Robison returning to join new anchor Shariff Floyd, and probably long time stalwarts Fred Evans, or some other interior guys. I would also be surprised if the Vikings didn't push to try and re-sign Everson Griffen as well, while letting Jared Allen walk this offseason. As "fun" as Jared Allen and his PR group are, the reality is that he's not performing near his contract level anymore, and if someone else wants to dump a load of money in his lap, I'm all for it. Then, we probably draft an entire new defense in the 2014 draft, and we're good to go. 

As for Mr. Bethel-Thompson, I couldn't be more ecstatic to see him off the team. It has nothing to do with his personality, or talent level, or anything like that even, it's simply because of the fact that you have brain dead Vikings fans like Paul Allen who basically prematured all over their Dockers every time MBT would drop back to throw a deep ball in the preseason. They'd think he was the next Brett Favre in the NFL, except somehow less accurate, less football-smart, and overall less talented. But somehow he was going to be the quarterback answer for the future? Get off it, people. He's a back up, if that, for his career. Quit pretending he's something he's not. Unless you're telling me he has soul-piercing eyes, because HE TOTALLY DOES.

Thankfully, that line of conversation is over and done with, and the only mind numbing talk I'll have to put up with from here on out has to do with the Ponder-pologists still. Luckily, that should also be done by year's end. Cheers!


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