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Reddit Dad Designs New Vikings Norseman Logo

Last Thursday, the Minnesota Vikings finally revealed their long rumored new Norseman logo. The changes were … subtle. But that doesn't exactly mean they were bad. Let's keep in mind that the other, most recent changes the team have made have sucked, including the updated uniforms. The stylized helmet sperm? Not awful, but also unnecessary. Regardless, the final product was a shoulder shrugger, but just be thankful it wasn't any worse.

Because, frankly, as fun as it is to see some new fan designs, the following is pretty much what I feared was coming to us as the new Vikings logo.

Proposed Vikings Logo

The above image is from a Reddit user who has a dad that has worked in design business for sports logos. It is mentioned his dad helped design the Buffalo Sabres logo, which I don't know if I would brag about. When you look at that Sabres logo and this newly designed one he did for the Vikings, I only see the dreaded tropes of "modern" logo design that make me want to shovel my own face off. Those include:

– Hard, sharp angles to make things look "edgy" and "mean"

– Excessive use of black or black lines for no discernable purpose … Black is supposed to be intimidating, maybe?

– Random "Angry Face" to make the logo more aggressive. The Norseman face didn't change that much in this guy's design, but you get the idea. Arch the brow more to make it look like he's furrowing!

– Logo movement through slicking lines back. Like there is a strong wind blowing from the right and it's pushing the helmet horns back, which doesn't actually make any sense.

Vikings logo proposal

He also showed how this proposed logo would look on two-tone color backgrounds, and while I think it ends up looking a bit better in this format, it still comes off rather JV squad for me.

I don't know, not my thing. Frankly, I'm fine with the official updates that were made, but maybe that's also the problem. The changes are so subtle that most fans are giving it an impressive vote of "MEH" and moving on. The only big thing that will make fans happy will be when the team finally changes their uniforms again, and goes to more of a throw back look.

Just as long as they leave the black out of it. Barf.


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