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READ ALL THE DOCUMENTS! About the Vikings Stadium

New Vikings Stadium

In reading up on the insider views of designing the new Minnesota Vikings stadium we posted this week, we also came across a wealth of public information on the new stadium. These include lists of committee members who have been influential in designing the stadium, meeting minutes you could read if you hated your life, but then a couple of other cool things, including architectural and civic drawings of the new monolith, as well as committee member visionary outlines for the new stadium.

Boring, you say? We say, NAY! And present to you details why:

First, all of these documents can be found as PDFs on the Minneapolis city website. We'll link to some of the direct documents here, but be aware that they are some ridiculously large PDF files. 75 MB and such. Your computer will probably break, but if you hate your employer, that's maybe not a bad option. Just make sure to clear your browser history before you dive in on this muff.

Vikings Stadium Cut Away

Full Stadium Cut Away

This picture and the next both are found when digging through the Architectural Drawings of the new Vikings stadium. If you try to read through the document, it will likely make your eyes bleed, but there are a couple of cools things we found in them that will give you some insight into how the stadium is actually put together. Like the cut away image from above. You can see just how tight the actual ground level of this stadium will be, plus how the seating will climb around it. Reports have indicated that the ground level will be much like Target Field, where the field of play is below the entrance level, and this kind of emphasizes that. I think. I don't know, I don't build shit. 

Vikings Stadium Seating Cut Away

5-Tiered Seating

Here's another cut away of the stadium, but this time with a focus on one of the seating areas. The reveal of the stadium had indicated there would be many levels of seating, at least currently more than the Metrodome's "Lower Level", "Rich Level", and "Good Luck Level." Here we can see five different seating levels, which seems like a lot, but other side shots show seating around the stadium varying from three to five. So that's weird, but kind of cool. We'll see how it plays out. 

Vikings Stadium Street Plans

Minneapolis Street Plans

Next, here is one from the Civil Drawings of boring stuff like water treatment plans and where they're going to plant certain perennials around the stadium (!!!!), but the most interesting piece is how they're cutting up 5th street in Minneapolis. You can see that instead of continuing to wrap around the southern edge of the stadium like it does for the Metrodome, they're just going to … What … Blow it up? I don't see the street anywhere. And with 6th Street being the direct access point to Highway 94, I doubt they make that two ways. So I have no idea how people coming off the 5th Street exit around going to go west. Also, it should make rush hour traffic off 94 around the downtown area AWESOME. Or even more so. 

Stadium Sun Studies!

These people even went so far as to figure out how the sun would fall across other buildings downtown Minneapolis, during different parts of the season. WHAT. IS THAT EVEN ARCHITECTURE?! That's awesome. In short, yeah, this thing is going to block out the sun. Or drink it all in and burn you alive, if you are inside. Cool either way.

Vikings Stadium Proposed Plaza

Proposed Plaza Area

Finally, there's been a big hubub about a proposed Plaza area in front of the stadium that will be used year round for folks downtown, letting them enjoy the outdoors in the big city regardless of if there is a game or not. Here is the most attractive option presented in the Summary Set plan document.

What's interesting here is how deep into Minneapolis this plaza pushes, but how much this misses the point of being used during game days. My understanding is that people are still looking for awesome tailgating spots, and this plaza was supposed to be some kind of middle ground offering for people. I thought they were supposed to set up food trucks, stands, and all sorts of kitsch items to make game day interactive and fun, but Christ … That's just more ways to burn through money instead. Boo. Just give us a parking lot, god dammnit. 

Anyway … Those are the major items I picked out for these boring ass documents. Let us know if you found anything of interest in your browsings. 


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