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Purple People Apparel: Who Hearts MN Football?!

Welcome to another edition of Purple Jesus Diaries "Purple People Apparel" where we like to highlight different clothing and apparel options that have to do with the Minnesota Vikings, frequently in an effort to divert your hard earned dollars from the atrocities and instead towards a better spent option. I say frequently, because every once in a while we come across some bizarre piece of purple and gold that is supposed to be Vikings wear, for all intents and purposes IS Vikings wear, but since we have no idea where you would ever be able to purchase these eye bangers, I can't tell you not to do so anyway.

Today, friends, is one such instance.

Reader Peter (haha, that's funny to say) sent this gem in to share with everyone. In his words:

 I'm not sure where this thing came from, but my wife's mom gave it to her when we all went to the glorious Vikings-Broncos game in week 17 of 2007 (a 22-19 loss in OT featuring a 16 point comeback by TarVar Jump-pass).

I don't know where it comes from either, and despite the TarVar heroics, I'd rather you had never mentioned that game ever again. And yet here we are.

Minnesota Football Sweater Back

But at the very least it allows us to revel in this mystery of mankind. As you can see from the banner image, what we have today is a GEN-YOU-WINE Minnesota Football sweater. Yes! Minnesota Football! Now, no, it's not VIKINGS football, don't confuse yourself or get us all into some crazy legal trouble. It doesn't say "Vikings" anywhere on this sweater. In fact, it doesn't say much, but at the same time – somehow – saying quite a lot.

For instance, notice on the front how it DOES say (or appears to say) "07" on the right chest square. That makes this sweater unique (I'm guessing) to the 2007 season – the 8-8 season to remember! – in all of its glory. It also has a football on the left chest square, so we know we're not talking about the Minnesota Baseballs. Other tips like the Sports Helmet and the Athletic Banner really bring the front together. And in case there was any confusion, BOOM!, turn around and proudly proclaim to everyone "I <3 MINNESOTA" because god dammit, I really do. Don't be ashamed of that.

And frankly, don't be ashamed of wearing this sweater around, either. It's easily the ugliest piece of Vikings-related apparel I've ever seen (Maybe I take that back …), but like hell if it isn't better looking than any Green Bay Packers officially licensed merchandise. In that case, I'd wear this thing with pride and a middle finger. SKOL YOUR FACE, BITCH.


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