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Photoshopped Minnesota Vikings Players are Terrifying

Phil Loadholt Predator

Happy Halloween from the Minnesota Vikings!

If your pants aren't soiled yet, they will be after you browse and vote for your favorite Vikings player photoshopped into real-life, terrifying Halloween costumes. Aside from the clear winner highlighted up top in Phil Loadholt 'shopped up as the Predator (Do I sense a new nickname?), there are a handful of other ghoulish mock-ups over on the Vikings blog. Check them out and vote for your favorite, but we also have them below the fold here with our own take.


Harrison Smith Halloween

Harrison Smith Without Eyes?

I'm sure this is some kind of spooky The Ring type fright night person or something, but either way, Harrison Smith without eyes is a sight I don't want to behold. Or, you can just say "A Vikings safety without eyes? Must be a Tyrell Johnson costume!" Hahaha, we suck.

Brian Robison Halloween

Brian Robison's Mouth

And no eyes here either. Maybe the Scream mask? Maybe he saw Pat Williams naked, or received a Brett Favre text message? Maybe he's just tired of playing on this defense? Either way, I guess I can understand a lot of reasons why he would want to be yelling. Can't blame him. 

Sharrif Floyd Halloween

Sharrif Floyd is a Goblin?

The pointy ears, green eyes, and sharp teeth pretty much promise this is a goblin costume, or, it's a new take on the Incredible Hulk. OR! Maybe he's been taking some type of PEDs that are more organic, and grass-fed? Probably. Seems like the most likely explanation. 

Everson Griffen Halloween

Everson Griffen Vampire

Yellow eyes, sharp teeth, he almost looks like a shark, too. Which would be a sweet transformation. OR! What if he's finally adopting his Magical Griffen persona?! That would be great. 

What a nightmare. Here. Instead of not being able to sleep because you looked into someone's soul tonight, go ahead and enjoy this picture of a Vikings' cheerleader dressed as Sexy Waldo. I think I've found something, amirite guys??!


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