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Nick Farley of the Detroit Lions is Talking Super Bowl

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Despite a down season in 2012, the Detroit Lions are feeling good heading into 2013. You may ask yourself, is that even possible? I mean, the team went 4-12 last year and looked AWFUL doing it, despite having arguably the best receiver in the game and a pretty good quarterback too boot. Yet their defense was lacking, their offensive line was questionable, and the team did little to nothing to upgrade these positions in the offseason.

So why is Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley sitting here talking about the Super Bowl?

"I expect big things" he said in a recent interview. "I am going to say we are going to the Super Bowl" Fairley continued, "because they give tickets to pretty much any NFL player to attend the big game."

Wait, what?

"Oh sure, I love going to the Super Bowl" Fairley went on during this lull in offseason activity, while not working out and probably playing something like Call of Duty. "It's a fun time for everyone. You get to see a new city, enjoy nice weather in February, and if you're an NFL player, you get access to really cool VIP sections, too."

The Super Bowl of course can only be played by two teams every year. The Super Bowl for the 2012 NFL season featured a dynamic match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, with the 49ers almost pulling of a stunning come back. The game, played at the New Orleans Superdome, brought the NFL's most watched event to the Big Easy, where the city welcomed the attention, showering celebrities, athletes, and national attention with the delights of Louisiana. With the 2013 Super Bowl set to be played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, it'll be the first time that a game of this caliber has been played in an outdoor, cold weather stadium during the modern era in quite some time, while also bringing the NFL's biggest stage to America's biggest city of New York City (and New Jersey, but it's a wash). And of course, Nick Fairley is excited to visit New York again too, but of course as a bystander, not a participant in the game.

"No, no, I don't mean the Lions are going to be playing in the Super Bowl this year," Fairley almost laughed. "That would be an outrageous statement. Detroit playing for a Super Bowl? I mean, let's just try to win the division first, am I right? Or even a playoff game. No, I don't expect our team to play for the title. We're pretty awful. I just really like to talk about the Super Bowl, because I'm a big fan of the pageantry.

"Maybe the Lions will get to play in the game one day" Fairley said in closing, "but probably not until the team moves to Los Angeles after the city of Detroit devolves into a a city of ruin and decay, more so than it is already, and all cities above the rust belt turn to anarchy and cannibalism around the turn of the next ice age. Then, and maybe only then, will the Lions play for a Super Bowl. Until that time, I'll be plenty content to watch the games from the stands."


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