NFL Draft 2013 Open Thread: Hot Prime Time Day One Action!

2013 NFL Draft

Alright nerds! Here's the big day. The NFL Draft starts in an hour-ish time, and we'll be around to recount all the highs and lows of a bunch of random people getting picked who I have no idea who they are. FOOTBALL!

The Vikings pick towards the later half of the round at 23 and 25. They may take one of those picks and trade up! They may take one and trade back! They may just sit tight and take TWO players tonight! One of those will be Manti Te'o, and I'm going to hate this team again! Awesome. It's been so long since I could do that. 

Also, the Vikings will be unveiling their new uniforms tonight (officially), so we'll recap all of that noise at some point too, even though we essentially know what they look like. Whatever. 

So jump in, join the fun, grab the Jim Beam, and let's talk pseudo-football for one night in April. Enjoy!



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