NFL Draft 2013 Open Thread: Day Two Inactivity

PJD Draft Chat

Welcome to day two of the 2013 NFL Draft! The Minnesota Vikings will likely be passive participants this evening, as they traded away their 2nd and 3rd round picks in order to move up and select WR Cordarrelle Patterson. We're still working on a proper nickname for him, however, so perhaps that's the best way for you to spend your time tonight. We'll list some of our early favorites in the comments section this evening. 

In the meantime, sit back and watch the Packers, Bears, and Lions continue to draft like IDIOTS. Will the Packers select a dumpy running back? Does Bears new head coach Marc Trestman realize he's not drafting in the CFL anymore? How many years can the Lions go ignoring CBs in their draft? I'm excited to find out!

And of course, the big surprise will be who finally drafts Manti Te'o, which is inevitable to happen in these next two rounds. Personally, I got my money on the Bears, and that makes me happy. 

So sit back, relax, get Friday drunk, and join us for another Purple Jesus Diaries live chat.

Other things to refer to tonight:

Last night's PJD live chat, where there was a huge swing of emotions as the Vikings passed on Te'o repeatedly and moved back up to secure a third first round pick. 

Uni-Watch had some thoughts about the new Vikings uniform. I pretty much agree with all of them, but I will also do a further in depth review of them on my own at some later point.

– I bought some Surly Overrated beer last night. Wasn't too bad. It seemed like it was an early version of the Furious though? I couldn't tell. 

– Throughout the draft, depending on where we are at throughout the weekend, I'd recommend checking in with our Vikings conversations on our Twitter account, Facebook page, and hell, even our Pinterest account because why not. 

Enjoy the draft!


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