New 2013 Minnesota Vikings Uniforms Leaked

New Minnesota Vikings Uniforms Revealed

Behold them in all their glory … PURPLE PANTS!!

These are some leaked photos of the new Minnesota Vikings uniforms for 2013, the very ones we have been receiving clues for over the last month, and the ones fans have mocked up numerous times over the past several weeks. You'll see more on Thursday at the Draft Party of course, but from what we can see here, what's the verdict?


Items of interest:

– Purple pants are an official part of the uniform? Suck my balls, that's awesome. I am staunchly against monochrome NFL uniforms in all forms except white, because that's fine. So the team getting away from even that and doing classic purple on white and white on purple combo? BONER TIME!

– Matte finished helmets? Cool! The helmet looks a bit leaner, maybe a bit sleeker, but it's hard to tell in these Nokia camera photos from 2002. The horns do look like they're pushed back a bit farther on the head, which is fine, but I'd bet the design of the horn is pretty much the same. That's a good thing.

– The sleeve stripes are simple enough to work. A nice thin stripe in the middle is pretty neat looking, and on the noodle arms who wear ACTUAL sleeves (See: Christian Ponder), I'd bet the stripes will wrap all the way around, which will be awesome. 

– Purple socks without stripes? Feels like a missed opportunity, but I'll allow it. 

– Jagged pointy corners on the numbers? Excessive and unnecessary. Probably the worst part about the uniforms, frankly. However, in their defense, I do enjoy the solid white number sans yellow outline. Makes it look older somehow. 

– Purple facemask? Should have gone grey. 

– UNDECIDED: Need a better view of the pants stripe, so share 'em if you got 'em.

Overall, not bad. I mean, I'm still not going to buy them anyway, but at least I won't be so God damn embarrassed now when the team takes the field. And that is as much of a win as anything else. 


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