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More Vikings Uniform Clues: Dark Purple, Dark Words

Vikings uniform updates

The Minnesota Vikings uniform reveal continues this week with an ACTUAL PICTURE of the uniform itself!

Well. Kind of. Actually, it's a close up of like the collar and the text underneath the collar, but even these two little glimpses tell us a lot of what to expect. And frankly, it has some potential!

Vikings new uniform collar

The Vikings uniform reveal game has spit out to images of the uniforms today. The first is the image of the "Vikings" logo you see in the header, the other is this image of the uniforms collar:

Couple of notes here:

– No piss yellow collar? HELL YES.

– Let's talk about the purple. This is a DEEP purple that I don't know if the Vikings have really ever had before. It's frightening and arousing and sexy all at once, and it has some really great potential here. I'm hesitant though. The uniform color itself looks almost a matte purple, which seems weird, and I have this horrifying image of this matte purple turning into a weird Nike Pro Combat college uniform somehow, like TCU's version. I don't like TCU's version, so that's where my fear resides. Something about the matte purple screams BLACK, which makes me want to rebel against my parents and listen to Soundgarden, which is just the worst.

– Let's talk about the gold. This is an awesome gold! It's an ancient, dirty looking gold that calls back to Vikings of yore breaking ships on the waves and crotch punching salt wives after the tear through a town. It looks awesome, and actually pairs really well with the matte purple. God dammit, I just hope they stay away from the black. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE BLACK!

All in all this isn't much. But even from this, there were several fine Redditors who started putting these clues together to try and give us a better idea of what the uniform would look like. First, one bro mirrored the collar picture, dropped in the Vikings script, and mocked up a helmet from what Jared Allen talked about in a clue last week:

Not bad! Second, another bro took what was available here and mocked out the entire uniform. I'll say with this one, if the final version looks ANYTHING close to this, I will fist pump all over the new stadium. Awesome shit:

New Vikings uniform design

So, any other new clues we should know about? Drop them here.


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