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More Logo Updates Include Minnesota Vikings British Logo

It has been a god damn whirlwind of logo information the past week, and frankly, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Today, we bring to you re-imagined logos from a website called "The Draw Play" where they have a project re-designing all the NFL logos to a more "Downton Abbey" sensibility.

The one you see above you is their rendition of the Minnesota Vikings logo. It's called the "Uncouth Norseman" which is just downright fantastic. I am actually about 50/50 on starting a petition to have our name officially changed to that. Or, at the very least, have that be the name people use to refer to us when the team heads over to Foggy Londontown to play the annual NFL International Series game next year. British people would be all like, "OH, I GET THIS AMERICAN FOOTBALL NOW, AND I HAVE BAD TEETH AND AM KIND OF FAT." I mean, at least they finally understand, you know?

The rest of the NFC British logos are here for your pleasure after the jump, otherwise head over to their site to check them all out. Well worth the trip.

Packers British Logo

Green Bay Packers, aka, Frigid Tosspots

I'll be honest, I have no idea what a Frigid Tosspot is. I would normally think a "Tosspot" would refer to any hole you could toss your dick flesh into, and maybe that remains the case here. I don't know. Either way, it's not like this is an inaccurate logo by any means. I bet that mustache smells like cheese, too. Gross.

Bears British Logo

Chicago Bears, aka, Jolly Good Biters

The Bears logo is actually nicely done, very easily reminding people of their official logo while also updating it for droll sensibilities. The mustache and eye-piece seem a little tired already, but the hat totally makes this one for me. The stupid bear looks like a furry Sherlock Holmes, which is decent for a laugh.

Lions British Logo

Detroit Lions, aka, Whiskery GrowlyCats

Outside of the Vikings logo, the Lions version here may just be my favorite. First, the font associated with the Whiskery GrowlyCats is pretty awesome, and then they end up pairing the normally "fierce" looking Lions with a walking umbrella. PERFECT. Best part? If anyone actually saw this in Detroit, it could substitute as a homeless hovel.

Overall, not bad. I'm looking forward to seeing these next year when the Vikings go to London. Which one is your favorite?


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