Minnesota Vikings Googly Eyes

Purple Jesus with Googly Eyes

Yeah, so, this has nothing to do with anything, but I went through a handful of photos of Vikings players this weekend and added Googly Eyes on to them. This is apparently a bit of a thing recently, most often scene in subways and on posters where serious faces are given googly eyes and then everyone laughs. I thought it was kind of funny, but there is always the chance that it isn't. Clearly, that fear hasn't stopped me from investing medium amounts of time into doing this, though.

So here we are. Look, laugh, share, LOVE (that's a movie title, right?) and make your Monday a little less craptastic with some Vikings Googly Eyes.

Leslie Frazier Googly Eyes

Vikings Head Coach, Leslie Frazier

I like this one because Frazier is all looking off to the side, smirking already at some stupid shit. The googly eyes just confirms that, whatever it is, it REALLY is stupid. Like this whole post.

Jared Allen

Minnesota Vikings Defensive End, Jared Allen

This is easily my favorite picture of Jared Allen. It looks like he's at the Xcel Center, and anytime you can see him in a cowboy hat is a good thing. Googly eyes in this instance have to be cross eyed, because I've found that's the only way to make it look like they're looking straight ahead. I know, I did a lot of research.

Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver, Percy Harvin

Despite all the IDIOTIC trade rumors going on about Percy Harvin, he's still obviously star-worthy enough to get the googly eyed treatment. Although, I imagine this is what my eyes would look like too if I had to talk to a bunch of local reporters all the time, AMIRITE?!

Christian Ponder Googly Eyes

Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Christian Ponder

I don't know if he's pointing at his eyes because they are googly eyes, or if they are googly eyes because he poked himself in the eye. It doesn't matter, because everything about this photo just seems RIGHT, ya know?!

Chris Kluwe Googly Eyes

Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe

Aaaannnnddd, here's the best out of all of them. So suave, so sexy, so googly. He'll google your googly, if you get my drift.

And I'm done. Enjoy your day. Sorry for everything.


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