visual history of the minnesota vikings

Minnesota Vikings: A Visual History if You Can See It

Minnesota Vikings Visual History

The Minnesota Vikings did something kind of cool yesterday, when they released a fun infograph showing the Visual History of the team. On their Facebook page when they introduced it, they said it was a "tool" to help the British fans brush up on the team, since Vikings fans in England apparently don't have access to the internet.

And it's a nice, striking piece, that shows the ups and downs, coaches, players, places, and things that all have to do with our favorite team. Or, at least I think it is, except that I can't see the thing at all.

Now, for this joke to work, we all have to assume that I'm not a complete moron, and that the final, full, infograph that is presented on the team website is actually very small and difficult for everyone else to read. Well … Most everyone else. I am assuming your Grandpa can see this on his Jitter Bug, or EXTRA LARGE FONT computer settings, but maybe not. That's not how internet images work when you add them to a website.

So, assuming it's super small for everyone else, I … Uh … I'm not sure what it's saying about the team. Here, take a look for yourself, and let me know what you think:

Click to "make bigger"

Can you make any sense of it? Sure, some of the big pieces like "ALL-TIME RECORDS" and "COACHES, HEAD" stand out, but the details by the names don't make any sense. The print is too tiny. Maybe you can see it differently, but it's all blurry to me. Even so, I'll try to make out what some of it reads for you here, so none of us (or our British fans!) are left in the dark trying to understand the Vikings history:


– Cris Carter: 12,383 C'MON MANS Dropped in a Week

– Tarkenton: 33,098 Yards Scrambled Without Doing Anything

– Fred Cox: 1,300 Nerf Footballs Kicked


– Leslie Frazier, "Black Coach #2"

– Brad Childress, "The Bald One"

– Mike Tice, "Look at My Tie"

– Dennis Green, "And My Wicked Drum Solo"

– Jerry Burns, "Get Off My Lawn"

– Les Steckel, "We Don't Talk About Him"

– Bud Grant, "American Bad Ass"

– Norm Van Brocklin, "We Had a Black Coach?"


2013: LOL, We Have Purple Pants

I think I got it. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments. And for a better History of the Minnesota Vikings Infograph, check out the one we posted earlier this year. Fan made, and way better.


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