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Matthew Stafford and His Girlfriend Are Having a Solid Offseason

Soooooo, Matthew Stafford and his girlfriend, Kelly Hall, are having a pretty solid offseason.

Despite the Lions finishing worse than the Minnesota Vikings in 2012 (what?! Still sounds crazy even after the fact), Matthew Stafford (aka, MC Stafford), is still doing pretty well for himself. He "celebrated" his team's awful 2012 campaign by forgetting his worries in a pair of exquisite breasts, belonging to his GF Kelly Hall.

OF COURSE I have a picture for you after the jump:

Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall

In a ranking of NFC North GirlWives, Kelly Hall is certainly up there. She's better than Kristin Cavallari, the wife and baby's momma of Jay Cutler (who also seems like she'd knife your sheets some night), and certainly a better catch than whatever man Aaron Rodgers is deciding to bring home from the local Pizza Hutt to his man cave. Hall has never matched up with any of the girlfriends/wives belonging to the Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder though, as he first was dating Kacie McDonnell and then of course becoming the ultimate NFL power couple when he smashed ugly skins with Samantha Steele, turning her into Samantha Ponder. Great success!

Don't don't slouch on Stafford and Hall. If Stafford ever decides to stop being a pudgy QB and leads his team to a solid post season run, he may one-up on the Ponder poon slaying list. Regardless of what any of the NFC North quarterbacks do though, none of them will ever be able to top Matt Kalil's mom, Cheryl Kalil. She's the real gem of our division:

Cheryl Kalil

More Kelly Hall pics at Busted Coverage for the dudes working at home.


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