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LOLVikes at Training Camp 2013

LOLVikes 2013

Already the training camp period of the off-season is coming to a close. The Minnesota Vikings are wrapping up some of their final training camp practices, and preparing to head back towards Minneapolis to stay at Winter Park full time, practicing under wraps to prepare for a grueling 2013 season. Already, training camp seems to have come and gone.

But that's not to say we didn't have any good times! We had some great reviews here at Purple Jesus Diaries of practices, and all sorts of introductions to new players and more. So, every year as training camp ends, we like to revisit this glorious slice of football Americana with our annual LOLVikes at Training Camp review. Essentially, LOLVikes pictures from training camp. Presented often without commentary. Totally worth it.

LOLVikes Dome

LOLVikes Forever Alone

LOLVikes Dildo

LOLVikes Harlem Shake

LOLVikes TV Joke

LOLVikes Purple Drank

LOLVikes Okra

LOLVikes Inception

LOLVikes Twerk

LOLVikes money shot

So? What was your favorite training camp moment?


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