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Jeff George is Now Christian Ponder’s Teacher

This week is one of the Minnesota Vikings Organized Team Activities, or OTA's, or I don't know what they're doing. I haven't been paying attention. I've been far too busy remembering that Purple Jesus is a god. But apparently things aren't going too hot for Christian Ponder. He threw three ugly interceptions during a practice round yesterday (Same with new QB Matt Cassel, but he's not here for his quarterback arm, rather, just his arm candy), and even the "cool" video that highlighted from yesterday's practice where Ponder threw a touchdown to Greg Jennings, have you ever seen a worse touchdown pass? I mean, aside from the throw to Michael Jenkins against the Packers at the end of the regular season last year. Awful. 

Point being, apparently Ponder still could use a little QB coaching, and so that's why the Vikings brought in Jeff George. YUP.

So yeah, Jeff George made an appearance this week at camp as "guest coach" for players to interact with, pick his brain, and learn from his experience. As a guy that could probably still throw the ball further than any QB on our roster – and if not further than Joe Webb could throw it, at least more accurate – he seems like he'd be a decent resource to have around. 

So how is Christian Ponder using this access to a veteran NFL quarterback?

"We haven't talked a whole lot," Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder said.

What the hell. 

Anyway, thanks to this new of Jeff George's appearance, a fine person on Reddit found and shared the comic below, which I believe accurately sums up this post. Can't wait for football season to start!! *cries*

Jeff George and Christian Ponder Comic


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