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Jay Cutler Gets a Mullet for His Birthday

Jay Cutler with a Mullet


Yesterday, Monday, while the rest of the NFL was still talking about the NFL Draft and the influx of new players who have come into the league, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler quietly turned 30. But just because he's 30 doesn't mean that it's all prune juice and getting to bed by 7PM now. No, no, no. Mr. Cutler still knows how to have some fun, as is evident by the above and following pictures which filtered in over the weekend from an 80's party that Jay Cutler and his wife, Kristin Cavallari attended/hosted/I don't know which one.

And if Cutler can look this good turning 30? I don't think any of us have anything else to worry about.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

Here's the full blown picture that Cavallari shared on her twitter account over the weekend, with really no other context then "The birthday boy and I … He's sooo sexy." Smoking Jay Cutler. He's like a meme unto himself.

Poking around the rest of Cavallari's twitter account and subsequent pictures alerts us that her outfit was clearly set for an 80s party that was going on that night. Her pink top and leopard print pants are pretty spot on, as are the leg warmers. Almost too easy of an outfit, but she nailed it. It's a classic for a reason. My only recommendation being that she probably should have done like the half belly cut sweat shit instead (Hypercolor?) but who am I to complain.

Kristin Cavallari dressed up

Let's also keep in mind that this is a lady who just had a child – literally pushed probably 8+ pounds of flesh out of her own body – less than a year ago. That is pretty god damn amazing. She looks phenomenal. I bet she got the extra stitch, too. Good for her, and good for you, Jay Cutler, good for you.

As for Jay himself, pictures like this are making me start to hate him less and less. I know he's probably just tugging on a heater to try and look tough, but he MUST know about the Smoking Jay Cutler meme, into which he's playing perfectly. On top of that, the blonde locks, Zubas-esque pants, and god-awful button up are all top notch a well. They're not impressive enough to lead me to believe he actually tried hard to put this outfit together, because we all know he never would do that, but just enough to be like, "Screw you, nerds, I look awesome." God bless him.

Also, call me a heathen, but I think this NFL apparel commercial with Cutler is kind of fun. God damn Roberto Garza.


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