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Final Clues to Vikings New 2013 Uniform Revealed

Vikings Uniform Shoulder Stripes

We're almost there! No, not the NFL Draft, stupid, no one cares about the bust the Vikings are going to eventually pick. I'm talking about the unveiling of the new Minnesota Vikings uniforms! And by almost there, I mean that this damn horse and pony show of revealing bits and pieces of the new uniform over the past month is coming to an end. THANK GOD. 

This week the Vikings released the final clues to the puzzle, like the likely shoulder stripe you see above. STRIPES! I love stripes. We'll explore some further previews below, and pass along some of the great mock ups we've seen with all of the previous clues considered. SO MUCH UNIFORM STUFF.

New Vikings Jersey Numbers

Aside from the totally boss shoulder stripes above, we also got a sneak peak at the jersey's new uniform numbers, as you can see here. They look whiter than your wife's wedding dress, that's for damn sure, but there's also no blocky, beveled edges or anything weird like that. The curve around the edge of the "2" is actually pretty neat, and the rest of the angles actually look very throwback, which of course is totally BOSS. It reminds me of a 70s era jersey, which is like all I could ever want. 

The other item is this video of Adrian Peterson talking about the new uniforms. I don't know. Watch it if you like. They're not pictures so I get bored pretty easily. 

Nike Quote about Vikings Uniforms

Then there's this quote form Nike Global Creative Director for the NFL which means absolutely nothing, but was deemed to be a worthwhile uniform preview, instead of just showing us the god damn helmet already. SWEET.

Finally, below are two mock ups that several fans have done (and passed along to the excellent Eric Thompson on Twitter, who followed these updates like a raven delivering a message). Both look pretty awesome, and have me kind of excited for the final product. Excited enough to buy a jersey?! Haha, don't be stupid. I'm not wasting my money on laundry. But excited enough to be damn proud of my team because we're wearing the football uniform equivalent of Justin Timberlake in the Suit and Tie video.

New Vikings Uniform Mock Ups Again

So, if this is close to the final product, what do we think? 


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