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Don’t Worry, We Have Shirtless Pictures of Josh Freeman

Josh Freeman Vikings

Josh Freeman was introduced as the newest member of the Minnesota Vikings yesterday, and the biggest question that was raised was; Are there any shirtless pictures of Josh Freeman?

Well, you are in luck, because yes there are. AND SO MUCH MORE.

First, let's get to know Mr. Freeman a little bit more. If you watch his welcome interview on, one big item you learn is that he collects pet boas. YES! Josh the Snake? Freeman the Demon? I feel like those are all acceptable nicknames for the new franchise quarterback of the team. Also, we learn from the video that he likes hanging out at the beach a lot, which of course means there HAS to be a plethora of shirtless pictures out there. We at least have one to start with:

Shirtless Josh Freeman

SNORKEL FACE! That's the best face.

Freeman also apparently likes to wear aviators when he's chillaxin in the sun light, but of course WHO DOESN'T, RIGHT?!

But none of that matters, because what follows may be some of the greatest pictures any Vikings has ever taken that they didn't try to send over a cell phone (which doesn't REALLY count, because Favre was a Jet then):

Josh Freeman Thriller

Yes, that's Josh Freeman re-imaging the classic Michael Jackson album cover "Thriller" with a totally legit baby tiger on his knee. This was done for ESPN a while ago, for no particular reason anyone should care about, because how can you even fire your brain synapses when you look into that baby tiger's eyes? It's like you get lost in the puddle of two black holes. Then you realize that fellow in the white suit is actually a Vikings player, and while he may have his shirt on in this picture, it like doesn't even matter because everything looks so good. Maybe this is telling us that Freeman is a step above Christian Ponder. See, Ponder only ever played well when he had his shirt off, but Freeman apparently knows how to wear and NOT wear shirts appropriately. So that's awesome.

And just in case you need to have a mental breakdown in your office today, yes, this is a picture of Josh Freeman with a baby tiger WITH his shirt off. BRAIN EXPLOSION!!!

Josh Freeman shirtless with tiger

I think we'll be OK at quarterback, guys.


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