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Desmond Bishop to Join Illustrious Group of Former Packers to Sign with Vikings

For some players, it's a devastating injury that in hindsight becomes a career defining moment for the better. For others, it becomes an issue of money, where their former employers become clench their tight asses a BIT too hard and must release a player. Sometimes, your name is Brett Favre and people just don't like you. For Desmond Bishop, former Green Bay Packers inside linebacker who was released on Monday, he is about ready to add his name to the list.

Bishop is scheduled to interview with the Minnesota Vikings on Tuesday, with an expectation that he will sign with the team as their starting middle linebacker, and join the illustrious ranks of former Packer players who finally realized their full potential by signing with the Minnesota Vikings.

The list is long, and reads like a Hall of Fame entry list on any given year. From quarterbacks, to kickers, safeties, and wide receivers, the players who have shunned their sinful ways in Wisconsin to visit the verdant grounds of Minnesota any many and outstanding. Desmond Bishop is set to join the list of other phenomenal players who played parts of their careers stunted by the mental immaturity of Wisconsin:

– Quarterback Brett Favre
– Kicker Ryan Longwell
– Safety Darren Sharper
– Wide Receiver Robert Ferguson
– Wide Receiver Greg Jennings
– Defensive End Bryce Paup
– Linebacker Jeff Brady
– Punter Bucky Scribner
– Safety Mossy Cade

And soon, Desmond Bishop. You could pit that team against any NFL squad that has come before or after this very day, and this team would win 100% of the time, no questions asked.

Bishop rightfully is excited. The chance to escape from the nauseating homoerotic undertones of repressed Green Bay fans and join a Twin Cities fan base that embraces their sexual ambiguity is naturally thrilling. Upgrading from nice dinners out at Eves Supper Club with local grandparents in Green Bay to extravagant evenings of luxury at Se7en Sushi Lounge will be delightful. And why wouldn't Bishop want to move from a town to a city, a city that has a WNBA Championship? Titletown USA? Better check your records, farm boys!

Desmond Bishop Vikings

Desmond Bishop will be welcomed with open arms. The Packers released him over concerns with a hamstring injury that kept him out of football for the entire 2012 NFL season. However, the sister finger blasting hillbilly doctors in America's Dairyland failed to realize that the hamstring injury which caused them concern now is NOT the same hamstring injury he suffered from a season prior. Truth be told, Bishop says the injury that kept him out of recent OTAs is such a non-factor, that if training camp was tomorrow, he'd be suited up.

But the Packers decided that wasn't good enough, and now one of the essential cogs in their run to a league-granted Super Bowl title in recent years is gone, and the Green and Gold are left with AJ Hawk. On the other side of the river, the Vikings have now shored up their biggest defensive question mark and have literally no area of concern an offense could penetrate, much to Aaron Rodgers' dismay. The best just got better.

So good luck, Packer fans. Welcome, Desmond Bishop. And hello NFC North title. The good life is about to get a little bit better, and the road to career success a little bit easier for Mr. Bishop.


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