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Designing the New Vikings Stadium from a Community Insider

New Vikings Stadium

Everyone has to change their panties when we're discussing the new Minnesota Vikings stadium. And rightfully so. That thing screams BonerBot all over it. It's glass facade, cathedral presence, and re-envisioning of the east end of downtown Minneapolis is pretty fantastic. But who the H decided all of this crap? Sure, the architects at HKS designed the stadium, but they were given directions on how to build it. And who did those directions come from?

Believe it or not, they came from your average folk. Or at least kind of. Random Misters and Missus from around the Twin Cities community who both liked and didn't give a Twins Baseball about the Vikings or football in the state, but who wanted to see a huge new public structure made to accommodate the city of Minneapolis. And this is what they said.

Writer Judith Yates Borger writes books. She occasionally writes for MinnPost as well, which is where this stadium information comes from. She presents her article as an insider's view on how the stadium was designed, which is kind of true. It's "insider" in the sense that your stupid ass wasn't invited onto this committee to give your input, but it's not really "insider" in that it sounds like some real random people were invited to join the committee.

Per her own words:

The committee appears to be pretty well balanced in terms of gender and ethnicity. We community organizers, small- and medium-sized business owners, five city council members, the mayor, a county commissioner, a sample Vikings’ fan and a smattering of architects have spent a fair amount of energy trying to figure out what Minnesotans want in their stadium.

So unless you own a business, GTFO. But it's interesting to see what these people who certainly have a lot invested into the health and sustainability of Minneapolis wanted in a new stadium. Judith points out some of the good things and the negative things that have come with the stadium design, per this committee request. 

Some of the positives that were requested and implemented by the architects:

It’s bold, iconic and cosmopolitan, much like the exteriors of the Guthrie Theater, the Walker, the Weisman Art Museum, to name a few. By moving loading docks under the structure HKS made it a 360-degree building, snubbing no one. The shape and outside materials take on the character of the Mississippi River. The 90-foot glass pivoting doors opening toward the downtown skyline combined with all kinds of venting and air circulation on nice days will give the feeling of outdoors to anyone inside. 

OK, not bad. It's multi-use, available to people who are or aren't sports fans, accessible on game days, and much more. So that's pretty sweet. But not everything was hit on. Here are some of the items which are of concern that the committee made note of but weren't implemented exactly:

Although the word tailgating does not appear in the wish list, Rybak has said the almost nine-acre park adjacent to the stadium would welcome Vikings fans in all their purple glory. The problem is Vikings fans like their baked beans served from the tailgate of a truck that has hauled coolers, a grill, lawn chairs and a bean-toss game to the site where it can stay parked during the game. No one’s going to be able to drive a Ford Explorer, or any other vehicle, on the lush lawns for that bona fide tailgating experience.  

That is a good point. The stadium seems to have only discussed building an albatross of a parking garage, which no one can/would tailgate in, and the other "open areas" are all for stupid pedestrians with their stupid legs, walking like they are free. Who can park a short bus on there? NO ONE, that's who. 

New Vikings Stadium Roof

Then there is perhaps the biggest issue that was overlooked:

Then there’s the matter of birds. Will eagles guided by the nearby Mississippi River as a flyway unwittingly smash into the sky high iconic peak? Will the super plastic stadium roof become a filthy mess? Anyone who has tried to keep a skylight clean knows that what birds fly droppings do too.

A STADIUM COVERED IN BIRD SHIT!! We've made a huge mistake. 

Anyway, check out the article over on MinnPost for the whole thing. There are more details of interest. Then return to the comments and let us know what else you would have liked to see with the new Vikings stadium.


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