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Christian Ponder to Sign Stuff So I Can Give It To You

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OK people, I'm not going to lie. This post is total corporate shill, but it's for a good cause. Namely, you may get free stuff out of it! And it's weird from my perspective, so we're totally rolling with it.

Word around the burning Metrodome campfire is that Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder will be attending a grand re-opening of a Champs Sports location at the Mall of America this Thursday night, at 6PM. This Champs will also include a Nike Yardline area. He'll be around for an hour signing all sorts of stuff (presumably the new, sexy Vikings jersey!) and doing more Nike stuff. How knows? Maybe Samantha Ponder will even show up! That would be like an added bonus.

But that's not all. Purple Jesus Diaries may also be able to secure one of these signed items so that we can turn it around and give it to one of our lucky, poor, weirdly dedicated readers. COOL!

First, here's the requisite information:


Nike Yardline at Champs Sports Opens Retail Experience

To Serve Football Athletes in Minneapolis Epicenter

Minneapolis, MN (May 21, 2013) – Today Nike and Champs Sports celebrated the opening of its second Nike Yardline at Champs Sports location in Mall of America. Nike Yardline at Champs Sports – a pinnacle football retail destination designed to serve football athletes from pee wee to pro.

This Nike Yardline installation will provide consumers with special access to signature Nike football products, athletes, teams and experiences while connecting the local and national football community both in store and online.  This premiere football destination was created to serve football athletes who live and love the game. This location will serve Minnesota football athletes 365 days a year by providing access to unique products, training and game expertise, and professional athletes.

Nike Yardline at Champs Sports opened its first location at Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ last year. This mall-based partnership offers a complete football experience that will serve athletes who not only play the game, but also live the football life. This retail experience was the first of it’s kind opened by Champs Sports stores in the United States with additional locations to be added in the future. The partnership features a store-within-a-store concept housing the latest Nike Football product.

This location will showcase NFL Nike Vikings Jerseys, limited player edition athlete products such as Calvin Johnson’s Nike CJ81 Elite Collection, and other regional team NFL products.

As a digital extension of the store, consumers may access for the latest news on product launches and events.


__Thursday, May 23rd, 6pm: Christian Ponder appearance and autograph signing.

__The grand opening event will take place next month.

I have no idea what this just said, but I'm posting it.

Here's the deal. Outside of our fantasy football and NCAA Bracket contests, we haven't really done any fun give aways for readers. This seems like a good opportunity, and is actually kind of a legit prize item. A signed Ponder jersey?! What if he becomes good? That could be worth a lot! And it could be yours!

So I need some ideas of how we can run this contest FAIRLY, but also as entertainingly as possible. Here are some of my initial ideas:

– Best shirtless fan submission (Ladies obviously get added points)

– Simple form submissions tied to Facebook likes so I can pimp the hell out of dat social media

– Polling of best/worst Vikings memories from people submitting

– I arbitrarily choose the best example of public PJD love document in picture, video, feces paint, whatever. Share with the world, give you the signed item.

And anything else. Hey, I'm excited. This could be fun. And I promise not to rub myself all over the signed item before mailing it. What do you think?


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