cat intercepts matthew stafford

Cat Intercepts Matthew Stafford, Vikings Playoff Chances Still Alive

Whoa, OK, everyone slow down. How meta did we just get here? A CAT intercepting a pass from Matthew Stafford, the quarterback of the Detroit LIONS?! What dream level are we on, Dominic Cobb?

But it's true. After the jump is a video of an actual feline intercepting a Matthew Stafford pass, which is a round-about way for us to talk about how your Minnesota Vikings are still alive in the playoff hunt!

Do you think that cat wants to sign with the Vikings for the rest of the season? We sure could use him.

Why? Because as I was playing around with the ESPN 2013 NFL Playoff Machine, I discovered that if the Vikings win out the rest of their games, including beating Matthew Stafford's cat-attracting arm bullets and Lions team in the final week of the season, AND if the Lions lose all the rest of their games, AND the Packers OR the Bears lose pretty much all the rest of their games, the Vikings would win the division with a 7-8-1 record.

Vikings win the division


How exciting, and/or, stupid is that?! We're still alive in this crazy thing!

Now, how unrealistic is this? Completely unrealistic. The Packers will probably get Aaron Rodgers back, the Bears will probably get Jay Cutler back, and if the Lions beat even one of the following teams (Eagles, Ravens, Giants, Vikings) they get the division title, pretty much no questions asked. BUT! It could happen. Those four teams have all been playing relatively well recently, and the Lions are a bunch of pussies and push overs, so it's pretty likely they'll fold quicker than me trying to play Backgammon. I have no idea what that old person game is about. Pinochle all the way.

Regardless, that tie that just a week ago we were rue-ing because it face-punched our draft position, now may give us the best chance at playoff redemption. COME ON MATT CASSEL, LEAD US TO THE PROMISED LAND! Of another one-and-done playoff appearance.


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