small vikings poster

At Least This Vikings Poster Looks Cool

Listen man, I get it. The Vikings aren't doing to well this year. It's a sad story and one almost unwatchable. But that doesn't mean EVERYTHING about the Vikings is awful. We still have Adrian Peterson, and he's pretty cool. We once had Chris Kluwe, and I like him. Speaking of leg guys, despite an injured hamstring, kicker Blair Walsh is a pretty sweet bro, too. We're getting a new stadium too, which will be fun. So, I mean, things could be worse.

Need something else? Um … Check out this cool looking Vikings poster? This doesn't suck, either, so we got that going for us.

Full looking Vikings Poster

This poster comes from Vikings reddit bro PRguy1789. He was going through and making some prints of his favorite teams, starting of course with the purple. It's a sweet poster that has a bit of an infograph flair to it, but is hands down better than any type of infograph that has ever been produced by the team. Remember this monstrosity? Yeah. Which one would you rather have in your home? Before answering that, assume you had enough wall space to actually frame the linked Vikings made infograph and hang it. Which would be ridiculous. But even so, it's not a competition.

Lucky for any suckers our there who still blow their money on Vikings merchandise these days, this nice fellow has made the print available on his Etsy shop to buy. It will look great in your man cave basement, surrounded by the Vikings player jersey's you've had to retire (Favre, Rice, Harvin), and that jar of tears from the 2009 NFC Title game. This poster MAYBE has a bit more pop of color that will brighten the room though. I can only hope.


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