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Are These the New 2013 Minnesota Vikings Nike Uniforms?

New 2013 Minnesota Vikings uniform and logo?

UPDATE: These clearly aren't the new ones, but the Vikings HAVE announced that the new uniforms will be revealed on April 25, 2013. See our updated blog post for more details.


Haha! NOPE! But they sure look less appalling than I would have thought they would. These are fan designed concepts for all 32 NFL teams based on the Nike Pro-Combat design, but they are different than previous Nike designs we've seen before, and of course different than what came out in 2012 when Nike officially took over the NFL's jersey making business.

But the point still remains. There's been a lot of talk recently about new NFL uniforms and logos for 2013. So since we're into the offseason and have nothing better to discuss, let's get everyone caught up on where things stand.

Back in November, we wrote an article highlighting comments which came from what appeared to be a private contractor doing some early logo work for four NFL teams who left hints on the forums for He mentioned specifically logos being updated, but alluded to some uniform changes to match as well. Teams were eventually identified (Dolphins, Jaguars, Buccaneers, and Vikings), and the original comments disappeared from the forum.

Since that time however, there's been a lot of weird shit going down. From the top!

– A rumored new Dolphins logo started popping up on the internet, which started matching the descriptions the original commentor mentioned.

– Then this week, a new Jacksonville Jaguars logo was released, which was a bit of a modernization, matching another comment that was touched on months ago.

So where does that leave everyone? It means that the Bucs and Vikings shouldn't be far behind. Many people have noted that the Dolphins logo, although not confirmed, will be identified at least before the draft. I would guess that any other changes these other teams (including the Vikings) are making will come before the draft too, then. The draft is the perfect time to pimp a new logo or uniform, as that's the next opportunity for NFL fans to be reacquainted with the NFL after the Super Bowl. There will be new team members, no uniforms, no logos … It's a god damn cash cow.

As it stands, all evidence points to the rumors of an updated Vikings logo being true. If you're looking at a time frame, the draft is at the end of April, so that gives us roughly three months until some new Vikings swag is revealed. That's great news, because these changes are SORELY needed, because our current uniform looks like an anus.

An updated Norseman logo, however? We'll see. Maybe they're just changing the "V" logo. Regardless, since this has been discussed months ago, we've been collecting a bunch of fan made designs just to get some ideas. We've included those below. What do you think?

New Vikings Logo

New Vikings Logo

New Vikings logo concept


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