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Are the Numbers on the New Vikings Uniforms Little Horns or Ship Sails?

Vikings Uniform Horn Numbers

After the big, premature and accidental release (I promise this never happens!) of the Minnesota Vikings new uniforms yesterday, many pairs of eagle eyes took note of the new number font that appeared on the jerseys. These numbers had some serif, pointy sharpies on the ends of the numbers, but really only on the right side of each number, or at least, the first number appearing. 

Weird, right? Well, yes, but maybe they were trying to do something specific with it. 

Some fans at Daily Norseman had some takes on what these numbers could be, including the horns imagined above, and the idea that they could be ship sails. As you can see here, the serif numbers kind of look like ship sails filled with wind, ala a VIKINGS ship sail, and the right side points are suppose to be allude to this. I GUESS.

If this was the intent, it's quirky and fun in theory, but looks kind of stupid in execution. I mean, easily (until I maybe see the pant stripe) this is the worst thing about the entire new uniforms. The rest of the uniform has a really awesome classic, time-less, retro feel, and then they go back to this "trying to be too smart for our own good" design idea and add in ship sails to the numbers. Buh?

And let's say it's not ship sails. Let's say they aarrrreee … Horns? Horns on the numbers? I guess if you turn them sideways? Maybe they're just little visual flairs that aren't supposed to be reminiscent of anything? Either way, there's no good explanation for it. 

New Vikings Uniforms

Paul Lukas from Uni-Watch agrees (even if you don't agree with him, but that means you're stupid). Here's his quick synopsis of the uniform:

Vikes: Normal pants design = Hooray! Lack of jersey side panels = Hooray! Number font = Nuh-uh. Leotard effect of purple pants with purple-topped socks = Blow me. (Also: If you look closely at the photo, it appears that the “2″ on purple jersey may not have the extraneous serifs like the “2″ on the white jersey, although it’s hard to be sure. Hmmmm.)

Anyway, the overall reaction from most Minnesota fans is typically Minnesotan; subdued and happy that it's not worse than what it has been or could be. Essentially, let's be happy with mediocrity! The uniforms aren't themselves mediocre, but they're not the best they could have done either. The fact in-state however, is that things have been so awful with our most recent design that anything was going to be better, even if it truly wasn't. You get what I'm saying.

Anyway, thoughts?


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