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Are Either of These the New Vikings Uniforms?

Ever since the Minnesota Vikings announced they were getting new uniforms last week, there's been plenty of speculation amongst purists wondering what these new threads would look like. Will they feature a new color, like grey? Will there be more stripes? PLEASE GOD, MORE STRIPES?! Will purple pants be making a comeback? What about yellow jerseys? Would you hate yourself enough to buy a new, all yellow, Vikings jersey? Because I wouldn't wish that upon anyone.

Either way, there is a lot of interest going around with little answers. We have, however, come across a couple of concepts to throw out your way, as seen above and below the jump, just to get us all thinking and asking the questions; What should the new Minnesota Vikings uniforms look like?

Vikings uniform mock up

Both images in this post are designs floating around that, while we don't know exactly where they are coming from, we can be pretty sure they're not real. Reason being, both look hastily photoshopped and one includes the older Norseman logo, which we already know is changing, so that can't be real, right?

The first one, seen in the header, is just poor design. The stripes are done all wrong here. I get the guy who made this was probably trying to mimic the "horn" idea in the jersey and pants stripes, but I think it has already been established in the current uniform design that this doesn't work. And what's with the additional black piping on the leg stripes? Black? For what reason are we adding black to the uniform now? Is this 1998 and no one told me? In theory, this kind of works. Add a three stripe system to the sleeves, mimic it on the pant, and call it a day, but the execution was WEAK SAUCE, BRO.

The other design, the hand drawn version, sure looks like it could be real enough, but if it is I doubt anyone will buy one of these jerseys. First, I'm pretty sure that's the old Norseman logo, so why would you use the old when when you just upgraded it, and secondly, those sleeve stripes are atrocious. We find ourselves back in the scenario of using the horn styling to mimic the sleeves, which sucks, and then there's a randomly thrown in gold arm band? No. You're being really dumb right now, design, stop it. The pants are even worse. Any stripe system that includes the pant stripes going behind the knee and AGAIN trying to mimic the damn horn motif (GET IT, WE'RE VIKINGS?!) sucks buffalo testicles. Just stop this shit. You look like Rutgers trying to get attention. Or Louisville. Neither of which is a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL FRANCHISE.

I don't know what the Vikings have up their sleeves, but they better not try to pull and of this shit. The only horns I want to see on the new jersey are on the helmet. Other than that, I want basic stripes across the sleeves OR over the shoulders, ala the Colts, and down the pant. Purple pants are fine as a tertiary option, and black shoes are a must. No visual tricks, no hidden design, no goofy fifth color like black. Go old school or go home, it's that simple.

Keep passing along the mock ups you see, and we'll keep telling people how wrong they are. Good day.


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