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Adrian Peterson Loves Orange Peanuts, Still Cooler than Everyone

Adrian Peterson Signs Orange Peanut


True story. Adrian Peterson loves orange peanuts, especially when they are for him. Then, he accepts you. 

If any of that is confusing, then you need to watch the video after the jump – in it's entirety – and then this picture will become Exhibit A in why Adrian Peterson is the coolest sack of flesh and bones to ever grace the turf. 

"An orange peanut? For me? Wow. I accept you." Instant classic.

Anyway, the photo from the banner now becomes an obvious reference to this wonderful piece of internet history. But how did it get to this point?

During last week's Pro Bowl practices, a fan came up with the idea to get Peterson to sign a giant orange peanut. The fan, a Reddit user called TCHRox, came up with the idea. For some reason, a Redditor was in Hawaii, which is weird enough, but even weirder is that Peterson got the joke. As Deadspin reports:

TCHRox reports that Peterson got the joke, responding, "An orange peanut? For me?"

I mean, come on, Peterson. Can you be any cooler? Of course you can, it was a rhetorical question, but it was asked just to show how ridiculous this is to begin with. I mean, can you imagine Aaron Rodgers signing a pizza box? No. He'd be all live, "Ehhww, spank you for letting me sign something for you, ggreooww!" And then he'd hold your hand too long while handing it back, winking. Matthews signing an adult diaper? No, he'd probably throw it at you and run away crying. Cutler signing a picture of him smoking? Of course not. He wouldn't sign anything. The time it took to get him to sign his name on his baby's birth certificate probably could have been spent reading "War and Peace" thrice. What a dick hole. 

In conclusion, yeah, this is why there's a Vikings blog named after Adrian Peterson. Easiest decision ever. 

Orange Peanut? For Me?


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