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Acting Cordial: Talking R-Words vs. Vikings with Redskins Hog Heaven

Redskins Hog Heaven

Whoa, we are playing another game already? What is this, Big XII football? I thought they only played on Thursday nights. No! Instead, it's "actual" NFL football between a couple of flailing teams when the derogatory R-Words come to Minnesota to face an injured Vikings team. It looks like football, but whenever the Vikings play, it's not "actual" football. It's just … Hand touching? Whatever.

Here's another edition of Acting Cordial, where we talk about this upcoming game with fellow Bloguin brother Redskins Hog Heaven. They were kind enough to answer a gaggle of our inquiries we have posted here, and they have a bunch of questions we answered for them over there, so make sure to check them out and give them some crap. They deserve it, after we've played them each year for the last four years. They're like our mini-division rival. Oh, also, they destroyed Peterson's knee, which actually worked out pretty well for everyone. I want to be mad at them for that but … second most rushing yards of all time? I'LL TAKE IT!

On to the questions.

Purple Jesus Diaries: At 3-5, the R-words are awful. Of course, at 1-7, the Vikings might in fact be the absolute worst. But regardless, what's gone wrong for the R-words? Aside from RGIII not being up to full health, what's the other big issues that jump out right away?

Redskins Hog Heaven: Do you mean the "REDSKINS" RED-SKINS? R-E-D-S-K-I-N-S? Used in a sentence, Hail to the REDSKINS? The name and logo are so Money the government puts it on coinage.

The Redskins were waiting for Robert Griffin III to declare himself 100 percent before seriously preparing for the season. Serious preparation began at kickoff of the Week One Eagles game. Opposing defenses did not play RG honest for the first five or six games. The didn't defend his rune and sold out to stop Alfred Morris. Griffin is healthier now and trusts his knee more.

Washington's team expects to close the season with another 7 or 8-game run to take the division, which we still expect to do. The Redskins are bringing their one-game win streak to the Metrodome.

Alfred Morris Vikings

PJD: Alfred Morris looked last year like he was going to become the work horse back for the R-words. He's been good, but not great, this year. Does he just need to run against a crappy Vikings team to find some magic? Is he splitting too many carries? Is your offensive line bad? Please say it's bad. That would be of great help.

RHH: Google "Barry Sanders." Print the picture. Cut out Sanders face and Photoshop on Morris. That's your story.

Roy Helu, Jr. has returned to the line-up. Morris got his start when Helu was lost for the season last year. FB Darrell Young was a scoring machine last Sunday. Helu and Young are stealing carries from Morris.

The Redskins ground game is rounding into shape. The team averages five yards per attempt. Morris is on a pace for 1,400 yards and 10 touchdowns.   

PJD: DeAngelo Hall is a real piece of garbage. I don't know if I have a question about him, but if he picks off a Ponder pass for a touchdown and barks, or flails, or gets all stupid or whatever he does, I'm going to be real pissed off.

RHH: Prepare to wet your pants.

PJD: I'm surprised to see that the Washingtons are actually 12th overall in passing and 5th in rushing ranked. Your defense is ranked 28th and 22nd in passing and rushing, however. So, is it fair to blame the defensive guys? Are we like kindred spirits of suck?!

RHH: The Redskins defense is not good, but they are disruptive. Last year they were perfectly tuned to an offense that out-scored opponents whose drives were stalled because the defense picked them off. They are getting closer to that complimentary performance.

Fans are pretty happy with the defense after they jammed the Chargers at the one-foot line in a goal line stand that saved our butts.


PJD: OF COURSE no one wants to see a player get injured. How awful. But let's make a guess; which player tears an ACL in this game?!

Neither RG nor AP have ligaments to give so it has to be someone else.

PJD: Do you enjoy Thursday night football? It seems like this season every game has been boring and low scoring, largely because the teams aren't healthy from the week prior, and there is so little time to game plan. I wouldn't mind seeing them tossed out altogether, and maybe give Monday night a double header. Or even Sunday night! Thoughts?

RHH: The good thing about Thursday night games is that teams get a mini-Bye following. But no, I don't especially like Thursday night games and would rather see Friday night NFL games than Monday Night double-headers. As for Sundays, I stand by Erma Bombeck who said, "Any man who watches three football games in a row ought to be declared brain dead."

PJD: What's your take on the R-words controversy this year? Think the name will ever change or re-brand? Why is Dan Snyder such a butt muncher?

RHH: In parts of Scandinavia, "vikings" is a slur. The vikings were barbaric sea-going savages who stole from churches, slaughtered men, ravaged women and sold children into slavery. This is historic fact. Obviously, calling someone a viking must be disparagement because vikings was a disparaging word in 1000 AD..

This description showed vikings as a common noun. "The Vikings" is a brand of football entertainment. Nobody seriously takes The Vikings to disparage Germanic ancestry. Nor do the believe The Vikings organization mocks anyone other than those people in Green Bay, many of whom really do have Scandinavian and Germanic ancestry. It's silly to do so. The only connection between vikings and The Vikings is a cool image of fighting men.

As long as you use The Vikings to refer to football entertainment, the brand means what the Trademark owner says it means. The trademark owner is the only one that gets to define the word according to law.  

Redskins fans, the ones who spend real money on the team, have Snyder's back on this one. We are not insensitive to some of the issues raised by the other side, but we turn a tin ear to those who mock our own sensitivities while waving the racism finger our way. At this point we've pretty much set the discussion to "ignore."

A writer named Anthony Brown (ahem) posted a story on the This Given Sunday blog  listing 5 reasons why the name won't change anytime soon. Those reasons are:

i) The Redskins already won the Court case.
ii) The NFL insulates Snyder from negative financial impact
iii) The NFL stole $36 million of Redskins salary cap space. Why should The Danny do favors?
iv) The fan base does not want to change. Calling us names is just making us stubborn.
v) The financial impact of changing is larger than you know, much more than the cost of swapping the logo.

If you care to read the details, follow the link to Oneidas meeting with NFL over Redskins name is off the mark.

Thank you for asking

Redskins vs Vikings

PJD: OK, prediction time! Please vote purple.

RHH: Your team is going through more turmoil than my team. In July, I picked the Minnesota Sea-Going Barbarians to win. Now, I feel good about the Redskins, by 6.


Thanks again, Redskins Hog Heaven! Hope you win. We gotta keep that top draft pick dream alive!


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