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Aaron Rodgers Supports Cheating, is a Horrible Person

Well, we already know Aaron Rodgers is a murderer (probably), as he almost certainly paid off Aaron Hernandez to take the heat for him in a recent homicide case. But on Monday we learned something even MORE devastating about the Green Bay Packers beloved quarterback.

We learned Aaron Rodgers loves cheaters. We learned this as some dumb baseball player (because who cares about baseball) named Ryan Braun was suspended by MLB for the rest of the year because he took to many drugs or illegal estrogen pills, or eyebrow injections or something. And why is this significant? Because just over a year ago, Rodgers tweeted out to the world that he'd bet his 2013 salary on the fact that Braun – who has a history of using banned substances – was an innocent in this whole manner. Which we of course learned on Monday that he wasn't.

And that Rodgers loves cheaters.

Rodgers and Braun are apparently super big Wisconsin bros, and Rodgers trusted Braun when he told Rodgers he had never taken human growth hormones or other icky stuff as a baseball player. Rodgers then went full retard and got all haughty about thinking he was right about backing up his friend, after Braun's original suspension was overturned on appeal. Look at how confident his hashtags were!

Rodgers Tweets Braun

Rodgers Tweets Braun

Of course, we now know that Rodgers was pretty much aiding and abetting a CRIMINAL and that Braun is a stupid crap head. And baseball sucks infinitely. And Aaron Rodgers is just as evil as we thought.

Good lord, football can't get back soon enough.


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