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2013 Who Ya Gonna Draft? – Cordarrelle Patterson

Leading up to this month's draft, Purple Jesus Diaries will take time analyzing potential draft targets for the Minnesota Vikings. With our cutting edge video technology, long hours spent scouting literally DOZENS of college players from our couch, and insight from Vikings meathead CapitalJsCorner, we're give you details you never even dreamed of from prospects that could help the Vikings in 2013. Based on the team needs established in our offensive and defensive team reviews, we present to you the 2013 Who Ya Gonna Draft? feature …


Cordarrelle Patterson, WR from Tennessee, has the hardest name to spell in the draft that I've seen so far. THAT IS A FACT. Until you get to Oday Aboushi. Are we really naming our kids these names? OK. Anyway, Patterson (That's way easier) is a top ranked wide receiver coming into this draft, having finished with 46 receptions, 778 yards receiving, and 5 touchdowns for a Volunteers team that was SUPER awful. Seriously. If you have any Tennessee fan trying to tell you else wise, they suck balls. 2012 was also Cordarrelle's only season at the FCS level, playing as a Junior having transferred from a JUCO college. He played JUCO ball somewhere in Kansas, and then decided that moving to Tennessee was an upgrade. Sucks to be you, Kansas. Patterson has arousing size at 6'2", 216 pounds, and had a top vertical leap at the NFL combine with 37 inches. 37 inches?! That's how long my pe ….

Cordarrelle Patterson Vikings WR

Capital Js Take:

Patterson is probably the best mix of size, speed, and athleticism in the draft. Like Tavon Austin, Patterson can return kicks and give you some yardage on reverses, handoffs, etc, but Patterson also has the size to play outside in the NFL, so he wouldn’t be limited to the slot position. The biggest question mark on Patterson is his route running and knowledge of the game. He played JUCO ball for 2 years before taking the field for the Tennessee Volunteers last season and is still a pretty raw prospect. His stats for the Vols weren’t mindblowing, but he has loads of potential. Notes:

So what do the "experts" over at not named Shawn Zobel have to say about Patterson? THE GOOD!

Easily separates on vertical routes when given a free release. Very few wasted steps on cuts. Very smooth in his breaks. Finds soft areas in zone coverage between corners and safeties. Looks to turn upfield immediately after the catch. Very good with slants, quick head fake out allows for inside release, strong step forward, body catches to prevent pass breakup while shielding corner. Flashes swiping inside arm bar away on back shoulder throws to allow for free turn. Frequently hauls in the difficult catches, especially when the defensive back is draped on him. Not afraid to hand fight all the way along the sideline on vertical routes to create a sliver of separation. Understands hot read recognition when the corner blitzes. Builds speed quickly after the catch, almost gliding when in stride. Good vision with the ball in his hands, cuts upfield when he sees a lane. Used occasionally at running back, has the speed and wiggle to beat defenders to the edge while utilizing hesitations moves. Very nimble on his feet, especially for size. Makes plays out of nothing when carrying the ball. Numerous natural qualities to his game.


Consistently a body catcher, even when it is not necessary. Was not frequently asked to go up and get the football at its highest point. Large number of his snaps start while off the line of scrimmage, allows for a better release. Doesn't use his hands enough against a jam, tries to dip or side step rather than slap or push. Tends to throttle down in his breaks. Burst after the catch or return is only adequate but does accelerate quickly. Tries to do too much when the ball is in his hands at times. Dropped a few very catchable balls, including easy bucket throw over shoulder. Inconsistent blocking effort.

"Consistently a body catcher." Ladies, in most countries, that's considered a good thing. But it's NOT a good thing to "accelerate quickly" if you catch my meaning. Are we still talking about football? Of course not.

Cordarrelle Patterson Vikings wide receiver


Well, I don't think we'd be dealing with Troy Williamson here, so Patterson has potential to be a Vikings. Really, he has a lot of what we're looking for at WR right now; size, willingness to fight, speed up top. These are all things that would COMPLIMENT our offensive focus, which is namely the running game. While we have Peterson around town, we wouldn't require Cordarrelle to win us games, just to do his job in one-on-one coverage. And then catch the passes in the red zone when Ponder doesn't know what he's doing and forget he has a Transformer standing around in Kyle Rudolph. Whatever. More options the better, and Patterson sounds like he'd be right in the range for when the Vikings draft, assuming they don't take their two first round picks and move up (which they shouldn't), because that'd be dumb of them to do with so many needs.

So? What do you think? Is Cordarrelle a good fit?


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