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PJD’s Game 15 Recap: WIN AND IN!

Texan Santa


Never in a million years. Never would I have thought that, this year, the Minnesota Vikings would be sitting at 9-6 on the year, guaranteed a winning record for the season (WHAT?!), in a position to play a meaningful game to get them into the playoffs in their last game of the season against their rival the Green Bay Packers, and that they would beat the Houston Texans (arguably the best team in the NFL in 2012) on the Texans home turf. We talk of getting early Christmas presents this year, but my goodness … This has been like a gift for this year, and one that takes up all of the good will of Christmas presents for the next 30 years.

And I'm OK with that, even if I would have rather Adrian Peterson had ripped off 200 yards instead. Oh well. Let's do some playoff damage.

Fred Evans Sacks Matt Schaub

Mushroom Stamp of Approval:

It was a tough call of who to give the Mushroom Stamp of Approval to this week. Ponder played better, but still not great. Peterson was steady but didn't break out. The receivers finally caught some tough catches but that's just doing their job. Really, it was the defense that won this game for the Vikings. And while Allan Williams did a nice job on defensive play calling I have to admit my boner for this game was fullest when Fred Evans sacked Matt Schaub on 3rd and goal, and the Texans had to kick a field goal. That was a game changer and wrapped shit up. The other option was clearly Blair Walsh as well, and that would have been just as fine as a choice. But Walsh is going to be an option for The Stamp for the next 20 years, and I imagine Evans is on his way out of the league, so we'll favor Evans this week. THIS ONE WEEK. Awesome shit though.

Jerome Simpson Hip Thurst

Notes and Nips:

It's Christmas so I don't want to spend a bunch of time here. Instead, here are my sexy notes from the game:

– Thanks to Jerome Simpson for finally doing his job. I wouldn't even mention it, since he also dropped a slant pass that went right through his hands, but when he caught the ball in the above GIF and did his hip thrusts, it endeared me to him a little bit. So I enjoyed that.

– Again, Ponder didn't look stellar but he looked better. His short passes are looking better, especially some quick slants, which really should be there all day long when you have Adrian Peterson running. He also took a few shots down field, which were garbage passes, but they at least kept the defense honest.

– It sucked that Peterson didn't get at least 100 yards. The Texans were able to bottle him up, relatively, but the rushing totals and rushing touchdown netted by Toby Durrhart were some of the highest and only instances the Texans had given these up all season. So I vote we still got the best of them.

– When the Vikings play like this? Holy shit, I scared that we're a good team and that we can win real games. That can't be right, can it?!

– Blair Walsh, aka, Little Big Leg, is slowly working his way into being a favorite Vikings. Kid is a damn stud.

– Jarius Wright … I see you kid.

– Don't look now, but Leslie Frazier may have just out-coached someone.

– Beat the Green Bay Packers to get to the playoffs? Then play them again the week after? Shit's about to get real.

Everyone Wins Haiku:

"If the Vikings win,
I'll show every Vikings fan,
What this tongue ring's for!"

Great stuff. That game was a lot of fun, and I'm pretty excited about the game on Sunday. Let's get this win and give a huge middle finger to everyone. I AM EXCITE.


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