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New Uniforms, Logos, for Vikings in 2013?

Ugly Vikings Uniform

3/28/2013 Update: The Vikings have announced that, yes, we were totally right in expecting them to get new uniforms! They will be unveiled April 25, 2013. Click here for current news.


If I were to tell you that the Minnesota Vikings are one of four teams currently in the market to have their uniforms and/or logos updated for the 2013 NFL season, would you weep tears of joy? I would, and I am, because rumors are indicating that this may in fact be happening, FINALLY. From uniform and sports logo online resource, comes the following post from an individual who apparently works in some type of contracted NFL or Nike uniform jobs. Sounds fishy? You bet, but when it comes to this topic, I'll take any level of hope I can:

Christmas morning as I checked my office email this morning, received the finalized changes for the Vikings, Buccaneers, Jaguars, and Dolphins.
Let's just say, one modernization, one less caricature / more detailed, and one "Oh wow…really, that's horrible!?", and one "Ummm, what changed?" 

So which is which? Do the Vikings somehow get MORE modern, less caricature on their logo, more horrible (not possible), or stay the same? More details on this EXCITING development after the jump!

The same poster (going by the name of CDixonDesign) goes on to say the following:

As for the information I have, it's all visual, logos, not uniforms. I'm in the apparel industry, so I don't deal with anything uniform related.
I will offer this, as my design opinion, out of the four logos, one of them, the modernization, is a home run. The "Oh wow, what the hell?" is in the category of what the Panthers changes were. The logo is beautiful, but it's just so different from the previous one, and quite frankly, it looks like something other than what it's intended to look like.
One thing I will clarify, the "What changed?" one was the Buccaneers, so Bucs fans rest easy. I have to confirm that I just wasn't sent an old file, but I couldn't tell any changes.

He does go on to say that while the information he has is all visual based, not uniforms, it doesn't necessarily mean that a change to the uniforms won't follow. Indications throughout that forum post say the Vikings are looking to do any and everything from updating and modernizing the Norseman logo, to adding a fourth official color to the color scheme (if it were up to me, I'd say grey to go with the existing purple, yellow, and white). Whatever the case may be, it seems that changes are coming, and because of that, I've now had to use my belt buckle to hide my throbbing meat thermometer all day long at work.

As most of you intelligent Vikings fans know, these will be changes that are much needed. The current Vikings uniforms look like someone wiped their fetus with a circus uniform and then left it in the August sun for a week. No one likes it, and if they do they should be punched in their stupid face. Every year when the Vikings roll out their throwback uniforms for a game, my heart aches because they look so much better. They aren't playing a game in their throwback unis this year because of Nike creating uniforms for all teams this season, limiting them to changes like alternates this single season. But it looks like the team is taking advantage of this new designer opportunity next year and changing things up finally. 

So let's all get together and pray that these changes are for the better, than the classic stripes are coming back into play, gray facemasks make an appearance again, and the Vikings finally look like they belong back in the NFC North with a uniform we can all be proud of!

Now, please, continue on with your "Gay guys talk about uniforms!" jokes. I would love to hear those.


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